book 74$ - Developing an Online Curriculum: Technologies and Techniques

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    30 янв 2008
    Developing an Online Curriculum: Technologies and Techniques

    Book Description
    Developing an Online Educational Curriculum: Techniques and Technologies acts as a guidebook for teachers and administrators as they look for support with their online education programs. It offers teaching suggestions for everything from course development to time management and community building. The book is designed to provide information to help teachers work more effectively with online tools, develop course materials for existing online courses, work with the internet as a medium of education and complete daily activities - such as evaluating assignments, lecturing and communicating with students more easily. Administrators are also given support in their efforts to recruit, train, and retain online teachers, allocate resources for online education and evaluate online materials for promotion and tenure.

    Book Info
    Guide offers teaching suggestions to give teachers support and direction for successful online teaching experiences. Covers course development, time management, and community building. Hardcover, softcover available. DLC: Instructional systems--design.
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