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  1. Sland

    Sland ПротNв те4ениR

    15 дек 2006

    Tsarfin NetInfo 6.5.515 - Программа NetInfo объединяет в себе большое количество возможностей, которые могут пригодится при работе в Сети (локальной или глобальной). NetInfo анализирует различные аспекты соединения с Сетью и предоставляет пользователю возможность работы с множеством сведений.

    If you routinely experience delays or bottlenecks when surfing the Internet or your intranet, you know how frustrating it can be. NetInfo analyzes your connection and various aspects of the Internet in order to isolate potential pitfalls. Once it determines where the problem lies, NetInfo provides you with a whole slew of tools that help you solve it. If the problem lies beyond your realm of control and you don't know who to contact about it, NetInfo will give you a name, e-mail address and phone number. With tools like Local Info, Connections, Ping, Trace, Lookup, Finger, Whois, Daytime, Time, Quote, HTML, Scanner, Services, E-mail, and Web Center, you'll get in touch with your inner NetAdmin geek.

    Main Features:
    • Local Info - Displays system IP addresses and MAC addresses.
    • Connections - Displays all local TCP/IP connections and their foreign connection IP address.
    • Ping - Allows you to quickly verify network connectivity to another IP address on the network.
    • Trace - Displays a list of routers between your system and the destination system.
    • Lookup - Allows you to perform DNS forward and reverse lookup queries.
    • Finger - Displays information about users currently logged on to a specified server.
    • Whois - Allows you to query contact information for domains registered with a Whois server.
    • Daytime - Displays the local time of day for any remote host specified.
    • Time - Allows you to query the time value from a remote time server and synchronize the time value with your local system clock.
    • Quote - Allows you to view quotations from a remote Quote server.
    • HTML - Displays the HTML header code and the page data for any Web page address specified.
    • Scanner - Scans for host names for a particular range of IP addresses and displays the state of each IP address in the range.
    • Services - Lists the available network services (HTTP, Telnet, DNS, SMTP, and so on) for a particular host.
    • E-mail - Allows you to verify any e-mail address by simply entering a full user principal name (user@domain.com).
    • Web Center - Displays available online tools, how-tos, tips, and news.

    Homepage - http://netinfo.tsarfin.com
    Размер: 1.54 Mb

    Tsarfin NetGong 6.5.515 - Мощная система мониторинга сетевой активности, позволяющая системным администраторам, веб-мастерам, провайдерам отслеживать сетевую активность. Данная программа позволяет проводить анализ и отображать данные об устройствах в Интернете, корпоративном интранете или локальной сети TCP/IP и получать извещения в случае нарушения связи. Сообщения могут быть в виде звуковой тревоги, сообщения на экране, электронного письма или запуска сторонних программ. NetGong является мощным средством для круглосуточного мониторинга сети.

    Round-the-clock network availability is mission-critical to any successful e-business. Without a sophisticated monitoring solution, network devices or services can fail without so much as a peep. If that crash occurs over a holiday or weekend, you could be out of business for hours, or possibly days. Worse yet, you might find out from an irate customer.

    NetGong is a powerful personal monitoring product delivering low cost, simplicity of operation, and round-the-clock coverage. An essential addition to any network administrator’s personal toolkit, NetGong allows users to tailor it to their particular area of responsibility, from a single server to a small-office LAN to hundreds of devices within a large corporate network. Corporate network managers can use NetGong to distribute responsibility among IS staffers and complement existing network management systems. Small businesses can afford to employ NetGong for monitoring critical e-mail and Web servers.

    Avoid costly network downtime by using NetGong as your first line of defense. NetGong continually probes and transacts with network resources on timed intervals, to test their availability and responsiveness. If a failure occurs, NetGong automatically notifies you. The result? You are back in business faster!

    Main Features:
    • Agentless architecture - Allows you to monitor network devices or services without installing an agent on each machine.
    • Comprehensive monitoring - Monitors up to 500 network resources simultaneously.
    • Global settings - Allows quick network resource configuration.
    • Independent parameters - Allows all parameters to be set independently for each network resource.
    • Maintenance mode - Permits you to temporarily disable monitoring of certain resources.
    • Robust alerting - Alerts you to failures using a variety of techniques ranging from audible alarms to third-party software.
    • Alert schedule - Allows you "fine tune" the alerting functions to avoid unnecessary alerting during an extended failure.
    • Failure and recovery alerts - Alerts can be enabled for any combination of failure and recovery notices.
    • Custom alerts - Allows custom alerts to be created for each monitored resource.
    • Test alert configuration - Each alert type can be tested in order to verify that the alert is configured correctly prior to going live.
    • E-mail notification - Allows e-mail notification via SMTP with the server of your choice.
    • Custom messages - Supports keyword values and customized message information.
    • Integrated reporting - Offers real-time and historical reporting capabilities to assist you in tracking network resources availability.
    • HTML report output - Provides reports in HTML format to help keep track of network resources availability in an easy to view list.
    • Remote access - Provides remote access to the monitoring results using a Web browser.

    Homepage - http://netgong.tsarfin.com
    Размер: 1.21 Mb

    Tsarfin NetGong 6.5.515


    Tsarfin NetInfo 6.5.515

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    Tsarfin NetInfo v6.9 Build 601
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