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  1. Sland

    Sland ПротNв те4ениR

    15 дек 2006

    Key Advantage Typing Tutor - полнофункциональная программа печатания для изучения, как напечатать быстро и точно. Учиться печатать ищё никогда небыло так легко, Key Advantage Typing Tutor отслеживает прогрес набора для каждого ученика и анализирует его набор и принимает меры(можно переходить на следующий етап или нет). В Key Advantage Typing Tutor заложены инновационные понятия как правельно нажимать клавиши на клавиатуре. Key Advantage Typing Tutor улутшит ваши текущие печатающие навыки и гарантирует ожидаемый результат(набор текстов с закрытыми глазами).

    \Key Advantage Typing Tutor is a full-featured typing program for learning how to type quickly and accurately. This typing software is designed from the ground up to be fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Key Advantage Typing Tutor tracks the progress for multiple typists and generates graphs and reports that are customized for each typist. We believe typing software can teach typing without gimmicky elements and still be entertaining. Our Key Advantage Typing program offers real typing tutor features without any fluff. Our typing tutor software contains innovative concepts like finger-by-finger accuracy reporting. Whether youre a beginner typist, or improving your current typing skills, Key Advantage Typing Tutor is your key to success!

    Key Advantage Typing Tutor v1.1

    Key Advantage Typing Tutor Software is loaded with features:
    * Learn to type fast and accurately in 25 easy-to-follow lessons
    * View your typing accuracy and typing speed over time with user-customized graphs and detailed reporting
    * Tracks multiple typists so the whole family can participate with a single typing program
    * Choose between 2 different <<learning to type>> styles - one key at a time, or by paragraph
    * Master the 10-key number pad in 7 simple typing lessons
    * Learn to type using either the Qwerty or Dvorak keyboard layouts
    * Receive instant feedback through the key-by-key analysis of your typing performance
    * Type fast and accurately to earn award keys and printable certificates as you reach your typing goals
    * Learn proper typing posture with detailed diagrams
    * View tips for healthy typing to reduce the risk of repetitive injuries
    * Practice ergonomic exercises during your typing breaks with animations and detailed instructions
    * Never hunt and peck again after learning the value of touch typing
    * Simple and useful help files, fast and friendly technical support
    * Complete install and uninstall support

    Key Advantage Typing Software System Requirements:
    Key Advantage Typing Tutor | Windows:
    Pentium II or higher recommended
    Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP
    32 MB or more of installed RAM

    Размер файла: 4.83 MB
    homepage: http://www.keyadvantagetyping.com/
    Язык Интерфейса: English

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