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  1. masteruka


    29 дек 2006
    Sony ACID Music Studio 7 software you can kind of music with an application, blender, treatment and the effects that you are already familiar with acid-series. And there are some new features, particularly in publishing and Midi-sequencing, ACID Music Studio, which is a worthwhile investment for the young musicians home studio. Built execute instructions on the use of powerful component of the mixture and the mastery of instruments. Even if you for the first time with ACID, you're an old pro, before you know it. With ACID Music Studio, live recording is a breeze. You simply plug your microphone or an instrument in your PC sound card and click Save, with voice, guitar, keyboards, MIDI and more. Once you have your ideas, work on the The Kinks, the mixture of professional tools and audio effects. From the volume and pan-Auto-routing and handling of special effects, reverb and distortion and delays to the echo, there are many ways to play with her song to the right of his. You can also DirectX and VST audio effects and VST instruments or in a the 3000 ACIDized music loops, 1000 MIDI files and other tools for the things that season.

    If you are satisfied with the final product, ACID Music Studio 7 gives you the tools to create your own CDs, download it for a specific location or for Podcasting, convert songs in MP3 format, or the soundtrack music for a video. When you are ready to save ACID Music Studio 7 is an affordable, your abstract ideas and concrete way.

    Sony ACID Music Studio 7 Features:
    Over 3,000 ACIDized music loops
    Multicore processor support
    Intuitive pick, paint, and play interface
    Unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI
    Video scoring track
    Automatic pitch and tempo matching
    Alternate time signature support
    Real-time loop preview
    Support for multiple file formats in the same project

    Mixing and Editing
    Multitrack audio and MIDI recording
    Multiple events per track with automatic crossfades
    Studio-quality effects including EQ, reverb, delay, and more
    Chopper editing tool and loop cloning
    Beatmapper remix tool
    Track-level volume, panning, and effects editing
    Master bus track for project-wide volume and pan fades
    Real-time audio effects preview during playback
    Event reverse
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