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    29 дек 2006
    CyberLink Corp., a provider of innovative solutions for connecting digital lifestyle, today announced the launch of the disk software CyberLink Power Producer 5, supports the creation of Blu-ray and DVD video content in the format AVCHD. The application also allows the creation of standard and DVD.

    Power Producer 5 is available in two versions. 5 Ultra Power Producer allows the creation of Pro-level on the Blu-ray and DVD. Power Producer 5 only supports the creation of DVDs and VCDs. The Ultra version supports BD-RE 3.0, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and audio edition on CD, and consists of a "simple, new-style interface and new design tools for the production of disc menus individually with imported photos and videos. "
    In Version 5 of CyberLink has been improvement in the user-friendliness, a simpler method, stylied interface and new design tools for the production of disc menus individually with imported photos and videos.

    "Now, with the release of CyberLink Power Producer 5, which is not only the Hollywood studios can produce that high quality as the Blu-ray and DVD AVCHD," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "By making it easy to use and later the institution of the format, Power Producer 5 to consumers quickly author and burn their high-definition professional-quality videos with the search for results."

    * Creating high-definition video recordings, including AVCHD
    * Author of videos Blu-ray and DVD
    * Custom Design High-def disc menus with the imported photos
    * Creating disks with 5.1 Dolby Digital for results
    * From change and improve, videos and photos with Magic Tools

    Cyberlink Power Producer 5 new features:
    • BD-RE 3.0 certified, the user can re-register and Blu-ray and create menus to Blu-ray.
    • support for the AVCHD format enables users of high-definition content on a DVD and store large quantities of high-definition content on Blu-ray discs and AVCHD.
    • On-Disc Edition enables users to the video and slide shows, change and add / remove playlists on BD-RE, DVD + VR and DVD-VR discs.
    • customizable menus disks allow users to import and use in the integrated video designs to create menus style.
    • Direct access to Director zone, a Web page with content created by users, offers free DVD menu templates to download.
    • in the direct combustion of Right-to-Disc ™: support for BDAV and BDMV, and on the DVD-VR.
    • Support for 5.1-channel Dolby Digital enables users to create disks that play on their home theater system.
    • Magic Movie Wizard automatically created a movie from the user clips, with a chosen theme and the music by the user.
    • slide show genre: allows the rapid creation of slideshows with 3 different styles of animation.
    • Magic Clean: automatically adjusts the lighting and the elimination of excessive noise.
    -- White calibration: enables users to true white with benchmarking drop-eye tool to the color temperature of videos and photos.
    -- Correction of the backlight: foreground makes it clear objects in the conditions for strong backlighting.

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    как раз ещу эту прогу а линк сдох,может кто-ниить перезалить пожалуста?
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