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  1. =x2=

    =x2= Прохожие

    У кого нет - вот хороший архивчик новых версий плагинов.
    В описаннии умоменул только наиболее заметные.
    Внутри больше =)
    Вес 3 мб.
    [/B]Description: WhereBisDu (also know as VisitorMap) lets you (and your Users) see the location of all Visitors on your web site via x and y on a world map. So you can see from which city the user surfed to the web site. The User doesn't have to do anything, since the data is generated automaticly by using his/her IP Address.
    [U][I]Карта которая показывает откуда к вам народ ходит.
    По типу google.com/analytics/
    Знаю что некто искал её.
    Показывает во флеше + со звуком =)
    [B]Lightbox Core[/B]
    Lightbox Core: Adds boxes to Subdreamer
    Lightbox Core plugin for Subdreamer combines the original Lightbox and popular modified versions of Lightbox. It is very easy to choose between any of the versions and implement them into your Subdreamer site. Version 1.0 is no longer supported.
    Current Boxes
        * Lightbox JS
        * Lightbox JS v2.02
        * Lightbox Plus
        * Litebox
        * Thickbox
    Change Log:
        * v2.0.1
              o Updated Lightbox JS v2
              o Updated Lightbox Plus
              o Added Thickbox
              o Instructions updated
        * v2.0.2
              o Small error in settings.php, found shortly after release.
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    [B]Gallery Integration
    [/B]Description: I really think Gallery is the best php based photo album there is on the web, and its free. With version 2 the even created a API to embed Gallery into CRM systems. So I used this API to embed [U][B]Gallery2 into Subdreamer.[/B][/U] I even created two additional scripts with it, Random Image and FrontPage.
    Обычная галерея ТУТ ВООБЩЕ НЕ ПРИЧЁМ.
    [B]Multi Media Player[/B]
    Description: Plays quicktime, windows, and Flash video files
    (жаль только для Paypal)
    OK, now we can finally say we have a shopping cart :)
    This is a very basic shopping cart and currently only supports PayPal. Since it is working with the PayPal IPN, your inventory WILL be updated to reflect any purchases made by your customers.
    [B]Teamspeak viewer[/B]
    Description: p126_tsviewer - Teamspeak viewer plugin
    [B]Gallery News v2.2.2
    Показывает на сайте последние или случайные картинки из родной галереи, и фотопоста, и VBгалереи всех версий.
    Gallery News is a plugin that display latest images from galleries.
    It supports: Subdreamer Gallery, Photopost, VBAGallery 1.x/VBGallery 2.x, Flash Gallery.
    Some features:
    * Display lastest or random images
    * It can display hypothetically infinite images (it load images on fly with AJAX)
    * Preview in a Popup Powered by Highslide
    2.2.2 Update:
    * Fixed javascript window.onload problem
    * Removed javascript p77_dgn_gallery_news.js and replaced using jquery commands
    * jquery script updated
    2.2.1 Update:
    * Now it works with IE 7
    * Add Outline effects to Popup feature
    * Highslide script updated and compressed and unnecessary code removed
    * Minor bugs fixed
    2.2 Update:
    * Replaced old javascript with highslide script to popup images (very big images now supported)
    * Add support to vbgallery 2.x
    2.0 Update:
    New features:
    * Fix all IE problems (tested with FF and IE)
    * Add Flash Gallery support
    * Much faster
    * Fixed a Javascript image loading problem (if an image was very big wasn't displayed)
    [B]Article Placer Ver 2.02
    попробуйте сами, оно того стоит.
    [/B]Description: If you would like to expand the way your Subdreamer content is used and presented to the user... this is the plugin for you.
    Documentation available on the plugin page and a discussion thread on use and improvements can be found in this thread.
    Key features of this plugin are...
        * Articles can be displayed easily in any category.
        * Place and order the content how you wish.
        * Easily change the way your articles are displayed with the template system. If know how to write/modify HTML, you can build and change your templates.
        * Full URL addressing to any article, any page with any template!
        * AJAX support! With AJAX support, content can be updated without having to reload the entire page.
        * Your content can also consist of HTML or text files. It is easy to mix and match content types in the same category.
        * If you have installed SD Extensions, you can easily change the plugin name depending on what category it is being used.
        * Supports most aspects of the standard Subdreamer article system including printing, view counts and commenting.
        * Supports SD standards such as having language support and being cloned.
    [B]Article Lister        Article Lister
    [/B]Description: Article Lister is a companion plugin to Article Placer . With the combination of these plugins you can easily have a list of articles or content on your page. Click the item and it can change the content that article placer is displaying.
    Documentation available on the plugin page and a discussion thread on use and improvements can be found in this thread.
    Features include...
        * Support the AJAX functionality of Article Placer so you don't need to reload your page to display it's content.
        * The ability to control the indent, order, font and bullet for each item.
        * Many icons available for use. Add icons by simply putting it in the Article Lister plugin directory.
        * You can choose how the content is displayed in Article Placer by defining a template.
        * Plugin can be cloned or work with cloned versions of article placer.
    [B]SD Extensions[/B]
    Description: This plugin will allow plugin that support it to rename any plugin in any category.
    Documentation available on the plugin page and a discussion thread on use and improvements can be found on this thread.
    [B]Search Sphider v1.2.1
    поиск по своему сайту и по k.sv другим.
    (только их в базу нада добавить через админку и проиндексировать)
    Search Sphider is based on Sphider.
    Sphider is a lightweight web spider and search engine. It is suitable for adding search functionality to small or medium sites (up to around 100,000 pages). It also works great as a tool for site analysis - finding broken links, gathering statistics about the site etc.
    * Features Spidering and indexing
    * Full text indexing.
    * Can index both static and dynamic pages.
    * Finds links in , , and tags, and can also follow links given in javascript as strings via window.location and window.open.
    * Respects robots.txt protocol.
    * Follows server side redirections.
    * Allows spidering to be limited by depth (ie maximum number of clicks from the starting page), by (sub)domain or by directory.
    * Supports indexing of pdf and doc files (using external binaries for file conversion).
    * Allows resuming paused spidering.
    * Possbility to exclude common words from being indexed.
    * Sophisticated administrator interface Searching
    * Supports AND, OR and phrase searches
    * Supports excluding words (by putting a '-' in front of a word, any page including the word will be omitted from the results).
    * Option to add and group sites into categories
    * Possibility to limit searching to a given category and its subcategories.
    * "Did you mean" search suggestion on mistyped queries.
    * Context-sensitive auto-completion on search terms (la Google Suggest)
    * Word stemming for english (searching for "run" finds "running", "runs" etc) Size and speed Sphider uses regular expressions to extract links from webpages, so indexing is not particularly fast. Searching is quite fast, if the database size is reasonable. Code base is very small, probably making it the smallest search engine with such functionality out there.
    v1.2.1 - Allow Administer now working and view problem fixed 
    [B]File Manager v1.0.2
    новая версия менеджера файлов (антиличер)
    File Manager is based on QuiXplorer. QuiXplorer is a multi-user, web-based file-manager. It allows you to manage and/or share files over the internet, or an intranet. it provides the following functionality:
    * Browsing directories; showing names, file sizes, file types, modification times and permissions
    * Copying, moving and deleting files
    * Searching for files and directories
    * Uploading and downloading files
    * Editing files with javascript IDE that include code highlight to html, xml, php, sql, css, js, vb and python.
    * Creating new files and directories
    * Changing file permissions
    Code highlight powered by editArea.
    v1.0.1 - Little update with some bugs fixed.
    v1.0.2 - Allow Administer now working. 
    юзеры могут выбирать сами скин сайта
    (работает только с определёнными, они прилогаются.
    Думаю можно переделать под свои.)
    [/B]Description: The skin selector gives your visitors the ability to select a different skin.
    Compatible skins for the Skin selector are:
    * Gnome OS Skin V 1.2 (included)
    * KDE OS Skin V 1.2 (included)
    * OS X Skin V 1.2 (included)
    * Win XP Skin V 1.2 (included)
    * Win Classic Skin V 1.2 (included)
    * Tab Style skin V 1.2
    качать тут:

    Перейти по ссылке

    А теперь особенное =)

    Счётчик для вашего сайта.
    Простой и удобный.
    Покупная Цена: 9$

    скачать тут:

    Перейти по ссылке

    Блог премиум.
    Цена ~ 30$
    Юзеры могут делать свои блоги.
    Можно использовать как доску объявлений.
    В сети был плагин, но в старой версии.

    пароль как всегда www.nulled.ws

    Спасибо жмём =)
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    29 ноя 2006
    Выкладываю старые плагины для subdreamer, возможно кому-то пригодится...

    Архив содержит:
    p5_users_online, p13_download_manager, p14_newsletter, p15_randompic, p18_event_manager, p19_forum_stats, p20_news_archive, p21_band_manager, p22_latest_comments, p23_search_engine, p26_guest_list, p27_latest_files, p28_latest_images, p32_random_user, p33_polls, p45_calendar, p46_sitemap, p47_rsssyn, p51_most_read_articles, p60_NASDAQ100, p63_Comics, p64_OpEdColumns, p66_PoliToons, p67_Crossword, p68_Horoscope, p79_current_weather, p84_flash, p85_bookmark, p92_sponsor_manager, p95_iframe, p96_flashclock, p97_current_time_date, p98_countdown, p400_random_post, p401_pm_info, p402_currency_conv, p403_formbuilder, p405_breadcrumb, p406_rp_latest_reviews, p407_forum_news, p408_comment_manager, p78_RSSfeeds

    И еще 1 архив
    Архив содержит:
    Band Manager 1.0.1, Bookmark 1.0.5, Breadcrumb Navigation 1.0.1, Calendar 1.1.1, ClockCalendar (Flash) 1.0.1, Comics from Comics.Com 1.0, Comment Manager 1.0, Countdown 1.1.1, Currency Converter 1.0.1, Current TimeDate 1.1.1, Current Weather 1.0, Download Manager 1.3.4, EclipseCrossword 1.0, Event Manager 1.3.3, Flash Wrapper 1.0, Form Builder 1.1.3, Forum News 1.0.2, Forum Stats 1.0.1, Guest List 1.1.1, Horoscope 1.0, IFrame Wrapper 1.0, Latest Comments 1.1.1, Latest Files 1.1.2, Latest Images 1.1.1, Most Read Articles 1.0, NASDAQ100 1.0, News Archive 1.0.1, Newsletter 1.3.2, PM Notifications 1.0.2, Political Cartoonists 1.0, Political OpEd Columnists 1.0, Polls 1.0.1, Random Forum Posts 1.0.1, Random Picture 1.1, Random User 1.0.1, ReviewPost Latest Posts 1.0, RSS Syndicator 1.0.3, RSSfeeds XML Client 1.2, Search Engine 1.0.2, Site Map 1.0.1, Sponsor - Ad Manager 1.0.1, Users Online 1.1.1
    maserg нравится это.
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    2 окт 2006
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    13 дек 2006
    и тут можно скачать пару плагинов после регистрации subdreamer.org
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    10 фев 2007
    Multi Media Player,WhereBisDu,p820_blog у кого есть перезалейте ...буду очень блогодарен:bc:
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    обновите ссылки, в особенно свежий p820_blog
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