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  1. slavache

    slavache Постоялец

    28 ноя 2006
    CuteNews V 1.4.6 Nulled
    Cute news is a powerful and easy for using news management system that use flat files to store its database. It supports comments, archives, search function, image uploading, backup function, IP banning, flood protection ...

    * Quick and easy installation
    * You don't need MySQL, everything is stored in files
    * Visitors can post comments
    * Can be used smilies, avatars and HTML code
    * Optional support of categories and multiple templates
    * WYSIWYG editor
    * 3 different levels of user access
    * Add/Edit/Post news, comments and users online
    * Auto archiving of old news
    * No news building, everything is automated
    * Edit news templates
    * Visitors can search in your news news database
    * Password protected names in comments
    * IP banning visitors from posting comments
    * Flood protection
    * Auto wrap long words in comments
    * Backup Function
    * And many more cool functions ..


    Mint V 1.2.6 Nulled
    The web is listening to what you have to say. Admiring your design. Talking about your product. Mint helps you identify where the most interest is being generated and over what.

    Mint provides a fresh look at your site. It is concise, flexible and timely. And to sweeten the deal, this delicious little bundle of PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript joy is referrer-spam-proof.

    Product Site & Demo Code:

    Celeron Dude Upload Script V 6.2 Nulled

    Uploader v6

    Similar to version 5, this version was specifically coded for individual accounts. Each user has his/her own directory with space and bandwidth limits. You can see the script in action by visiting the link above or typing in "uploader celerondude" in google.


    * PHP enabled web server with PHP version 4.3.0 and up recommended.
    * GD 2.0 and higher required for thumbnail creation, image resizing and watermarking.
    * Version 6.2 and up requires Mysql 3.0 and up. Although I only tested with 4.0, I didn't use any new features that are only available in 4.0 so 3.0 should be fine.
    * Zip extension required for batch file uploading. Version 6.2 and up does not require this extension.
    * PHP safe_mode must be OFF
    * mod_rewrite MUST BE ENABLED for bandwidth tracking to work.

    Updates in this version (v6.2.1:(

    * Some of the features added in this version were added in the previous version, I just forgot to list them.
    * Added: Public files management.
    * Added: Browsing public files past 100 which was the limit in the last version.
    * Fixed: Base url problems for IE users.
    * Fixed: Bugs generating URLs for files.
    * Fixed: File not found when there are special characters in the file name.
    * Changed: "default" template updated.
    * Template changes: tpl_uploader.php, tpl_myfiles.php, all javascript files. tpl_public_*.php


    The above Scripts packed into one .Zip file.
    Filesize: 1.19 MB



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