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  1. slavache

    slavache Постоялец

    28 ноя 2006
    MailBee WebMail Pro

    MailBee WebMail Pro is a web based mail client built as a set of ASP scripts.

    - Local and remote e-mail accounts
    - Folders management
    - Cool multilingual skin-based interface
    - Rich-text (WYSIWYG) editor
    - Web-based administration panel
    With WebMail Pro web-interface, you can: read emails in a safe way, reply, forward, compose new ones using rich-text or plain-text editor, attach multiple files to e-mails, manage e-mails using folders, access multiple POP3/IMAP4/SMTP e-mail accounts per user, manage your contacts with Address Book, and do much more in completely customizable and internationalized environment.
    WebMail Pro is shipped as source code, what allows you to use it "as-is" or modify the scripts to suit your needs..
    Basic features:
    * Access to any POP3/IMAP4/SMTP account
    * Compose/Reply/Reply All/Forward/Redirect/Delete messages
    * Administration via web interface
    * Skin-based interface
    * Unlimited attachments number per e-mail
    * Browser-safe viewing HTML-formatted e-mail messages
    * View and Save attachments
    * Option to create Printed version of e-mails
    * Display advanced message headers option
    * Compatibility with all major browsers
    Advanced features (WebMail Pro only:(
    * Folders: Inbox/Sent/Drafts/etc., folders management and navigation
    * WYSIWYG Editor (creates HTML e-mails in Rich Text mode)
    * Storing e-mails in database (attachments are stored on disk as separate files)
    * Databases supported: MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL Server
    * IMAP4 synchronization
    * Advanced Contacts and Groups
    * Mail Search feature
    * Advanced users administration
    * Advanced filters system
    * Automatic marking messages as Read/Unread
    * Personal Signatures
    * SPAM filtering options
    * Multiple POP3/IMAP4/SMTP accounts per user
    * Personal user settings
    * Multi-lingual interface (English/Deutsch/Swedish/Turkish built-in, can be easily translated to other languages)
    * International charsets support
    * Timezone offset specification
    * Best e-mail viewer on the market (e-mails are rendered just like in Outlook)
    * Easy integration with existing web sites and applications
    * Full source code provided
    * Easily customizable, skin-based interface style, can be translated to other languages
    * Unlimited, prompt technical support via e-mail and web forum - completely FREE!
    * You also get ******ed copy of MailBee Objects for your development needs
    What's new in version 3.2
    * Mail Search feature
    * Advanced filters system
    * IMAP4 synchronization
    * Advanced users administration
    * Advanced Contacts and Groups
    * Mails retrieval speed optimization
    * And more…


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