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    12 янв 2007

    Website Popularity is the fastest and easiest way to see how your website ranks on all of the important areas of the Internet, from search engines to social media sites. No manual digging and guessing - Website Popularity is fully automated and runs right from your desktop

    Just fire Website Popularity up and you’ll get a report that shows you the number of pages you have indexed on all of these major search engines:

    ◊ AllTheWeb
    ◊ Altavista
    ◊ Google
    ◊ Inktomi/Hotbot
    ◊ Msn
    ◊ Technorati
    ◊ Yahoo

    Most other popularity programs stop there, but Website Popularity goes further. You also get all of this information:

    Inbound links (IBL)

    ◊ AllTheWeb inbound links
    ◊ Altavista inbound links
    ◊ Google inbound links
    ◊ Inktomi/Hotbot inbound links
    ◊ Msn inbound links
    ◊ Technorati inbound links
    ◊ Yahoo inbound links
    ◊ Alexa Linking websites

    Popularity (PageRanks)

    ◊ Alexa rank
    ◊ Yahoo rank
    ◊ Google page rank
    ◊ Netcraft rank - new !!!

    Indexed Pages

    ◊ Google's indexed pages
    ◊ Yahoo! pages indexed
    ◊ MSN pages indexed
    ◊ Gigablast pages indexed
    ◊ Exalead pages indexed

    Social Tags

    ◊ Del.icio.us bookmarks
    ◊ Digg.com mentions
    ◊ Reddit mentions

    Important Directories and Site Listings

    ◊ DMOZ links
    ◊ .EDU links
    ◊ .GOV links
    ◊ Wikipedia listing
    ◊ Yahoo Directory listing
    ◊ Google groups listing

    Press and Media Mentions

    ◊ Google News
    ◊ Yahoo News
    ◊ Google blog presence - new !!!
    ◊ IceRocket blog presence - new !!!

    SEO Information

    ◊ Domain visibility - new !!!
    ◊ Domain visible from - new !!!
    ◊ Actual IP - new !!!

    Statistics / Charts

    ◊ Charts statistics for each criteria - new !!!
    ◊ Export statistics for each criteria - new !!!

    No other product is as easy-to-use as Website Popularity, and no other product gives you all of the information that Website Popularity provides.

    Stop wondering how your site is doing and see for yourself first hand. Don’t take our word for it. Download a free trial copy of Website Popularity now and start getting noticed!

    Website Popularity 2.0
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