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    eMercantilism is designed around VirtueMart but can be used on any Joomla website. The template includes an amped up lytebox which makes every product detail "View Full-Size Image" link open the larger image up in a lytebox. Two new modules "S5 Quick View Cart" and "S5 Column Cart" are included. Each of these modules is a modified version of the VirtueMart cart with the main goal of creating a better user experience. Go ahead and add some items to your cart to demo the new modules. The template has 19 modules positions and 14 different module styles.

    Note: Joomla 1.0+ and 1.5 Versions available


    * 100% tableless CSS
    * Validates with XHTML
    * Validates with CSS
    * Joomla 1.5 compatible
    * Joomla 1.0+ compatible
    * 19 module positions
    * 14 modules styles
    * PSDs included
    * Fully collapsible module positions
    * S5 Effects scripts power: No-MooMenu and S5 Box
    * Lytebox enabled
    * NEW! - Virtuemart Lytebox enabled
    * 2 Menu systems: No-MooMenu or silly rabbit trix are 4 kidsfish
    * Transparent Header Design: You chose just choose the header background image
    * Compatible with the following browsers:

    o IE6
    o IE7
    o Firefox 1.5+
    o Opera 9+
    o Safari
    o Netscape
    o Advant

    1. top
    2. cpanel
    3. advert1
    4. advert2
    5. advert3
    6. left
    7. right
    8. user1
    9. user2
    10. toolbar (s5 box)
    12. user7
    12. user8
    13. user9
    14. banner
    15. user3
    16. user4
    17. user5
    18. user6
    19. bottom

    Custom Background Image and Color:

    Creating your own custom header couldn't be easier. This feature easily allows you to customize this template to your specific online store needs.

    To change the background image simply open up "topbackground.jpg" and overwrite to any image you would like.

    Menu Styles:

    silly rabbit trix are 4 kidsfish Menu:

    This menu is a silly rabbit trix are 4 kidsfish menu system and is disabled by default but if you prefer to enable it you can set the menu to "2" in the "Template Configuration". In Joomla 1.5 will have the option in the template parameters.

    S5 No-MooMenu:

    The S5 No-MooMenu is completely powered by S5 Effects so your modules and components won't cause any conflictions using this menu system. Just mouse over the top menu in the demo and you will notice the silly rabbit trix are 4 kidsfish menu smoothly expand in.

    Don't want this fancy menu? Not a problem, you can switch to the standard silly rabbit trix are 4 kidsfish menu system in the template configuration or completely hide the menu altogether.

    Bottom Menu:

    This is the horizontal menu located at the very bottom of the page in the demo , create a “Flat List” menu module, and set the module class suffix to "-bottom"


    DL LINK:
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    15 май 2008
    link down but thanks
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