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За видеокурс на русском языке по эффективной раскурутке сайта я согласен заплатить?

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  1. morfey2005


    30 янв 2008
    Here's just a taste of the exciting information you'll discover in the Web 2.0 Traffic System...
    What Web 2.0 is... And why every Internet Marketer must know how to leverage it correctly
    Revealed... The Underground Web 2.0 site the guru's want to keep hidden from you
    How to turn free traffic into a huge profit
    The step-by-step system to driving traffic from Google Video
    How to combine the power of Netscape with Digg to send your stats counter into overdrive
    The fast blogging system that is working now!
    The 6 No-Brainer techniques to get on the home page of a Web 2.0 mega power
    How to unleash the power of Squidoo to generate a fast and furious stream of traffic to your website
    WOW... The amazing 8 step system anyone can use to get up and running with Squidoo today
    Exposed... 4 easy to follow strategies to flood your videos with interested viewers
    The #1 resource any blogger must use to get more exposure and traffic
    The growing underground social networking site that 72% of users are between 30-60 years of age and have plenty of disposable income
    How to use Digg to generate an avalanche of traffic to your site
    VSEO... What is it and the 5 must know rules guru's aren't telling you
    The 3 easiest ways to make money with Squidoo
    How to use Web 2.0 sites to strike sweet JV deals
    The #1 thing to do right now to drive traffic to your website
    How a simple Podcast can be your secret weapon
    The 4 genres you need to making videos for to maximise profit on web video
    4 advanced strategies to make your Squidoo lens a super power and generate thousands of targeted visitors
    3 quick tips

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