[Photoshop] Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 for the Professional Photographer

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  1. Zikalo

    Zikalo Создатель

    2 янв 2008
    Huss David, Plotkin David

    This is a book for photographers who can read the users guide that came with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 and do not need me to tell them what they can fi gure out for themselves. The Lightroom User Guide and online help fi le contain a wealth of information which I have used many a time myself. There is some misinformation that is still left over from the 1.0 release, but Adobe is working hard to get it all updated for the latest release.
    The focus of this book is all about using Lightroom 1.1 in a working environment. While most of my photography involves shooting stock or weddings, many of the tips and suggestions in this book came from dozens of 1.1 beta testers working in a variety of photo occupations who were gracious enough to answer my seemingly endless stream of questions about how they use Lightroom in their own work, or how they worked around some perceived limitation of the current release of Lightroom. Some parts of the material covered in our book are based on questions that appear on Adobe’s User 2 User forum. If a question keeps getting asked by diff erent people, then there is something about how Lightroom works that isn’t as simple as it seems.

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