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  1. damnedviper

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    16 дек 2007
    MindMaster v1.0


    Mindmaster Works by flashing subliminal affirmations and images on your computer screen at high speeds. While you go about your normal daily computer tasks, these messages and images bypass the conscious mind but are recognized and accepted by the subconscious--as proved by numerous scientific studies. You're actually reprogramming your mind with the habits, knowledge, feelings, and beliefs that drive you to achieve the life of your dreams faster than you ever dreamed possible!

    The world's first words-and-images tool created to help you change your mind about yourself!
    Imagine what you could accomplish with a powerful subconscious belief in yourself!

    A belief that grows with every minute you spend at your computer! You could...
    · Enhance your creativity while surfing the web!
    · Improve your parenting skills while paying your bills!
    · Increase your business strengths while playing video games!
    · Augment your powers of concentration and memory while writing a report!
    · Overcome pain while you build a PowerPoint presentation!
    · Lose weight while you download recipes!
    · and more..

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    app + fix (8mb:(

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