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    damnedviper Писатель

    16 дек 2007
    Disk Keeper 2008 Pro Premier x64

    -u5| tFT. .wP7
    ;x@@M@1 :M@@^ !@MD
    (HMEL#@N `~; ^M@M; \! (@@Z
    i@@a: =MB hM# ^@@M, ¬MM) (M@h
    !@@+ .|= D@M. `@MM. ~@@2 \MM*
    DM5 &@@^ N@@^ ^@@5 ^MMA
    H@@#0t" f@@" .f1" ;tI| S@@/ .@ML B@K :i£?
    Z@@@@M@N4|, ^oM@pe. r@MMb^ _GH@MM9 9M@? :"HM#Q| #@R iEM@@r
    `2hEM@M@@@B]. ;@@MMM@; .BMqRM#, "@@N5DMM¬ iM@[ 8@MMM@z ZM@iMEs@@B.
    `!l8RMMMD'`wGMM5^ ~M@"=@M) ^#w: ,NMk !@@n )n#@R-. TMMH#^ m@@~
    .=#@@T \MM2 fMH`a@@" "#@H. '@@S x@B 1MMH^ j@@}
    ,X@B. ^@MI nMMN@E( iH@@M< HM# OMH +@@o |@@C
    "I" i@M^ ^@MT "#M@@z. .5@#6M@? #MH sM@. =@@t ~@@£
    .#@a =@@^ ^@Mh aMM@" `OB' 'SMm,)M@7 DMM^ aM@^ "@@i ?MMf
    ~MM| }ME. ,@MF '0M@. :FMd..F@a ~M@} 0M@? w@M" '@@7 iM@+
    (MM^ .#Mu `@M# r@@~^#@g` tM@; ^x@@j 6@@9 £@@! B@y cMM|
    /@M= ;h@F` .M@R !MMHBMI. hMM)]RMM@i l@MD J@M= Q@q sMM~
    XMBa&HMe` B@B FMMH~ F@@M@#nM@! |M@B j@@| y@E o@M"
    /RM@@W). x@P ^eV^ ~bF4+`"Sm` 'LF[ ~@H/ <P4 '7~
    ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ=(*)- Team Stealth Brings You -(*)=ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ

    (*)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ=(*)- Disk Keeper 2008 Pro Premier x64 -(*)=ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ(*)
    ³ ³
    º SIZE....: 15,192,464 bytes STATUS.....: Final º
    º COMPANY.: Diskeeper Corporation PROTECTION.: Activation º
    º DATE....: 30 December 2007 TYPE.......: App/Utility º
    º URL.....: http://www.diskeeper.com BUILD......: 12.0.758.0 º
    ³ ³

    ³ ³
    º Please note, you must deny DkService.exe access to the internet º
    º º
    º The fast lane of system performance- Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier editionº
    º provides unparalleled peak performance for power users and high º
    º powered workstation computing, delivering the ultimate in performance º
    º and reliability to those who need it most. Shift your system into high º
    º gear with Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier. º
    º º
    º Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier will extend the life and increase the º
    º efficiency of your systems while greatly increasing workplace º
    º productivity. º
    º º
    º The Breakthrough Of InvisiTasking- The Performance Maximizer" º
    º InvisiTasking's true transparent, background processing technology º
    º allows Diskeeper 2008 to defragment your system in real-time, º
    º completely eliminating the need for cumbersome maintenance operations. º
    º Free up gridlocked resources and let your computer zoom at peak º
    º performance while you work. Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier enhances the º
    º reliability and performance of your computer—automatically! º
    º º
    º Diskeeper's I-FAAST 2 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing º
    º Technology) accelerates file access times to meet the heavy workloads º
    º of file-intensive applications. Utilizing a specially formulated º
    º technology, I-FAAST closely monitors file usage and organizes the most º
    º commonly accessed files for the fastest possible access, boosting file º
    º access and creation to speeds above and beyond the capabilities of yourº
    º system when it was new, up to 80% faster. º
    º º
    º Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier edition is unlike any other product on the º
    º market today. Now, more than ever, it is important to have a system º
    º that is reliable and performs at the peak of its ability. º
    º Remember how your PC or laptop ran when it was new? Diskeeper 2008 has º
    º been designed to keep your system faster than new. Simply install º
    º Diskeeper 2008 and your computer will run faster and more reliably thanº
    º it ever has before. º
    ³ ³

    ³ ³
    º 1. Unpack, Run Setup.exe º
    º 2. If prompted choose I purchased and downloaded the software º
    º 3. Click browse and select the included license.dal file º
    º 4. Untick activate diskeeper after install then choose never register º
    º 5. Run Crack.bat, Restart your PC º
    ³ ³

    ³ ³
    º Nothing to report. º
    ³ ³

    ³ ³
    º www.nemesyz.com º
    ³ ³


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