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    16 дек 2007
    Portable USB Safely Remove Version


    USB Safely Remove is a utility for effortless and speedy disconnection of any removable devices. Not only does it save time, but it ensures that all data remains on a device when it is unplugged.

    What makes USB Safely Remove better than Safely Remove Hardware?
    -- Guaranteed safe removal with just one-click
    -- Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping
    -- Real device names
    -- Hiding any device from stop menu
    -- Forced device stop

    Why do I need USB Safely Remove?

    1 . Your data will never be lost when using it.
    2 . A device will never be stopped accidentally, because USB Safely Remove assigns the correct device names. It can also hide any device that will never need to be stopped.
    3 . It saves time, because a device can be stopped in one click. This avoids the uncertainty of guessing the reason why a device cannot be stopped.

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