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    Advanced Font Viewer v3.0

    Advanced Font Viewer is a program with a user-friendly interface that allows simultaneous viewing of all fonts installed on a system. An example text for each font is displayed alongside. The program allows managing and printing your fonts as well.

    Advanced Font Viewer was developed to solve the problem. The program’s name itself shows what AFV can actually do. It is a specialized tool for fast searching for the best font variant among the fonts you have.

    The easy-to-use interface allows beginners to quickly master the program, while professionals will definitely enjoy everyday working with it.

    As soon as you run Advanced Font Viewer, you will see text examples for all of the fonts installed on your computer on one list.

    You will be able to set necessary style, size and color of the text examples, according to your own scheme. You can also enter your own text to use as an example.

    If you are choosing a font for printed materials, then print out the list and make your choice according to the real conditions of font usage.

    Those who have huge collections of fonts, and those who wish to accurately compare patterns of several fonts that look similar, may create their own Selected Fonts List. Working with such a list will save the necessity to look through the main list, spending too much time for searching, and thus allow you to concentrate on your choice. You will be able to add new fonts to the list, as well as to delete unnecessary fonts. This list can also be printed out.


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