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  1. Sveatik

    Sveatik Постоялец

    24 апр 2007
    Вышел в свет Subdreamer 2.4.4 RC1 :)

    Многие веши поменяли в скрипте!!!!

    с офф. саита :

    This is a release candidate version that we expect to move to final within 2 weeks. For customers that require the most stable version, please wait for the final update. The goal for this release candidate (version 2.4.4-RC1) will be to move our recent updates to public testers and get immediate feedback to polish the release for 2.4.4 final. NOTE: This RC will be upgradeable to the final release.

    What is new?

    ### phpBB3 now supported ###

    In December, phpBB3 Gold was released.

    From "Today we begin a new chapter in the history of phpBB. After five years, over 200,000 lines of new and altered code, and many a long night phpBB Group is very proud to announce the release of phpBB3 "Olympus"."

    Subdreamer had started development towards supporting phpBB3 during the early betas and release candidates.... a long time ago now! Things were slowed a bit as phpBB3 made changes to their authentication routine during the late release candidates. At that time support for integration and related plugins was delayed until phpBB3 Gold was released. Only a few weeks after the Gold release, here we are!

    Integration to phpBB3's (Gold) user system as well as session handling , avatars and smilies are now supported.
    All core plugins with forum interaction now support phpBB3.
    Additional downloadable plugins will be soon to follow with updates for phpBB3 support.

    ### General Changes / Fixes ###

    * Code review of core files (less system log messages; more use of internal database layer features; checked delivered plugins to be independent on "Register Globals" setting for more safety).
    * Subdreamer will now automatically issue a "content-type" header to the browser (both admin/frontend) with the "Character Set" as configured under "Main Settings".
    * Notes for international users: should you experience problems with e.g. Turkish, Cyrillic or other non-latin characters, please try with the "Character Set" option switched to "utf-8" or any other utf-8-related encoding for your locale. Ideally also your database (all SD-tables) should be set up for an "UTF-8" compatible collation.
    * Fix for VVC within popups
    * Sending Emails: added extra checking against email injection and for validity of sender's email
    * Improved checking of Admin Timeout setting if it is set to 0.
    * Fix for comments to avoid unauthorized entries.
    * Users|Usergroups: optimised internal saving of usergroup settings to speed up overall frontend/plugin operations.
    Note: to take this into effect, it requires manually saving of each usergroup once after this upgrade finished.
    * Syslog: added option "Show Distinct Messages" to display all unique messages to lessen the displayed entries and easier management; deleting a row basically deletes all messages from the log with that same message text
    * Prevention of recurring system log messages (stopping after 50 of the same messages in a row)
    * Category editing: option "Secure Category" is now always displayed; also shows the value of the related Main Setting's setting
    * Fix (related to above "Secure Category" category option:( generation of links on the frontend now takes into account if a secure URL was actually specified in the Main Settings. Up till now it could happen, that links were missing the website's URL.

    И многое ,многое ;)
    Ждиом тепери нулла от MafiaScript :)
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