[Разное] Net Radio Rip or Play v4.0.0.0

Тема в разделе "Софт", создана пользователем stoian, 19 янв 2008.

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  1. stoian

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    ? Rip or Play mutiple radio stations
    ? Supports Dial-Up 56K connections
    ? Maintain a Favorites list of radio stations
    ? Rip MP3s from from over 7000 radio stations
    ? Built in instructions with NEW Zion Control interface
    ? Individual volume/mute controls for each station opened
    ? Built in Radio Station Control Manager for multiple stations
    ? Auto Rips individual MP3s for each song played by stations
    ? MP3s are saved with FULL volume even if muted while ripping
    ? Files saved are contiguous (NO GAPS) even if buffering occurs
    ? Easily manageable directory structure created when ripping
    ? Mini floating MP3 Player included to review ripped files

  2. gavcompany

    gavcompany Прохожие

    Ну, не очень то и нужная вещь... хотя:)
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