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    The 3D Report Writer acts as a forms player of sorts, because it displays the forms selected for a particular report in a standard on-screen interface that is designed to minimize the amount of effort needed to complete and deliver finished reports. The Report Writer has all the necessary tools to create stunning reports that will impress even your most professional realtors and clients. A selection of sample reports is included.

    The 3D word processor, also referred to as the Document Editor is a word processor that comes standard with The Report Writer. It contains sample contracts, summaries, cover pages and more. Merge information from reports into documents of all manner or create letterheads for use with report layout options to produce finished reports with any appearance you desire.

    The 3D Custom Form Studio is a complete forms design studio that lets you customize form content, structure and appearance, as well as add security options. Forms compiled in the Custom Form Studio will run in any 3D Report Writer software. A selection of sample inspection forms is included.

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