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    Lectra ProStyle 5.3C1
    OS: Windows; GhostScript 5.11+; Perl 5.001+ | ~61MB

    So, think you're the next Coco Chanel or Giorgio Armanifashion designer, just waiting in the wings to be discovered? Well, why don't you take this professional $14,900 apparel design software for a spin and find out!

    The designer has to create a garment model, like an artistic drawing. His/Her work is mainly based on the choice of shapes, colours, and types of fabrics that can be used. The advantage of having a data processing tool is clear. Other than the possibility of working on an ``electronic sheet'', the software enables the pattern maker to import fabric motifs in an electronic form or even by using a scanner, to file the suggestions of different collections, and to make fabric simulations in 2D or 3D.

    Define trends & colour palettes for a season or a product line. Design garments and associate new silhouettes to fabrics & motifs. Create collections to share with sales and marketing departments. Send validated styles to the pattern making department. These are all daily responsibilities of designers in the fashion industry.

    In an ever-changing apparel world, collections have become more frequent, lines more diverse, and products more personalized. Reactivity is crucial to insure rapid communication of style revisions.

    ProStyle is the solution that enables your design teams to meet today’s challenges. Tools tailored to your design needs enable you to create new garments in just a few clicks. Vary styles in fabric & colour in the blink of an eye. Generate range plans by product line, division, or theme. Respond rapidly to revisions requested. Communicate design information clearly in real time, thus avoiding costly errors. ProStyle allows you to focus your full attention on Design.

    The ProStyle software offers all the above functions on a high performance PC (Pentium 120 with Diamond Stealth S3-968 graphics board, 16 million colours). Sublimation printouts are also available. The software also works with the Silicon Graphics architecture.

    Includes the $1,196 stand-alone program Lectra Kaledo Color Developer 1R1C3. Designed to work with Lectra's design software and using analog calibration of screens and printers, Kaledo Color Developer allows for the development of master seasonal colour palettes of scientifically precise spectral colour therefore guaranteeing the consistency of colors at every step in the apparel design process.

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