[Разное] Da Vinchi Encryption System

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    Data encryption should be low in cost, easy to use and capable of encrypting your data for quick and easy transport. That’s exactly what Da Vinci provides, whether you are wanting to protect your own personal data or next year’s corporate business plan. Da Vinci provides the industry’s most cost effective approach to creating and managing encrypted drives, files and clipboard contents. Da Vinci makes sure your private data stays private.

    - Your important files can be securely stored on encrypted volumes.Only authorized users can access (and modify) your files.
    - Ease of access means data security can become an integral part of your activities with no added effort.
    - All data in encrypted volumes is inaccessible to LAN and Internet intruders.
    - You can encrypt and decrypt any file directly from Windows Explorer. Encrypted files can be safely transferred by E-mail, CD, or any other removable storage medium.

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