$5000 worth collection of Adobe Fonts

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    Adobe Font Folio 10 OpenType Edition hybrid for pc and mac

    Key benefits
    Build on excellence
    Enjoy more than 2,200 fonts from the Adobe® Type Library in OpenType® format, including all new Adobe font releases from the past two years.
    Discover text and display typefaces from world-renowned foundries, including Adobe, Agfa Monotype, ITC, and Linotype, as well as cutting-edge firms such as LetterPerfect and MVB Design.
    ely on Adobe Originals — unique designs and classic revivals from Adobe's expert type designers.
    Revive fine typography with expanded glyph sets containing swashes, small caps, and old-style figures, plus special Opticals packages that provide specific designs for typesetting captions, text, subheads, and display headlines.
    Publish multilingual documents with OpenType Pro fonts that support additional languages, including Polish, Greek and Cyrillic.
    Choose from a select set of Japanese OpenType fonts.
    Take advantage of a design-sensitive euro currency symbol in all OpenType fonts from Adobe.
    Expand your knowledge with a 300-page Adobe Type Reference Guide, a typography primer in Adobe Portable Document format (PDF), and specimen books for select fonts in Adobe PDF.
    Create any media
    Print confidently, knowing that Adobe fonts offer reliable quality whether output to inkjet printers, laser printers, or imagesetters and platesetters.
    Create custom GIFs, type animations, and dynamic HTML pages for a powerful Web site presence.
    Put type into motion — create titling for all digital video and multimedia projects.
    Complement your Adobe PDF workflow with Adobe typefaces, which can be embedded in their entirety or as compact subsets.
    Take advantage of a standard 20-computer license to use fonts in a variety of projects across your organization.
    Enjoy OpenType flexibility
    Simplify font management thanks to a single, cross-platform font file.
    Easily create fine typography by applying OpenType features to your documents.
    Mix OpenType, Type 1, and TrueType fonts in all your projects.
    Enjoy native support for OpenType on Mac OS X, Windows® 2000, and Windows XP. (Support for other operating systems is provided by Adobe Type Manager® Light.)
    Build for the future with support for Unicode.
    Take advantage of multiple font packages with merged character sets, allowing easy access to expert set characters — such as small capitals and old-style figures — when using OpenType savvy applications such as Adobe InDesign® software.

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