[Разное] Trillian Pro v3.1.9.0 Patched

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  1. damnedviper

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    16 дек 2007
    Trillian Pro v3.1.9.0 Patched


    Instant messaging is the most convenient means of communications
    on the internet today, filling an important niche between a phone
    call and e-mail; it's fast, and not too intrusive. Users connect
    to a central server which allows real time message delivery to
    and from other users.

    These messages will utilize graphics, text and even streaming
    video to make the IM experience stronger. However, there are more
    than four different major messaging media currently in widespread
    use, which separates everyone and complicates this convenient way
    of communication. Trillian is here to solve the problem,

    What is Trillian Pro?

    Trillian Pro is a very powerful communications tool that includes
    a huge number of features to enhance your IM experience, creating
    infinite possibilities during your journey on the Internet.
    Whether you're a user tangled by the complexity of using more
    than one network, a user who is using only one messenger looking
    for a better experience, or an Internet user looking for an
    efficient way to stay updated with the world, Trillian Pro is
    designed for you.

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