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  1. +VAMPIR+

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    13 апр 2006
    Sunbelt CounterSpy 2.5.1042

    Программа для обнаружения, удаления и защиты вашего компьютера от spyware-программ. CounterSpy использует механизм активной защиты - множество контрольных точек проверяют в реальном режиме времени попытки установки spyware. CounterSpy-агенты ищут программное обеспечение, которое изменяет систему на вашем компьютере. Высокий процент шпионских программ будет заблокирован CounterSpy, уменьшая шансы повторного заражения. Новые шпионские программы создаются неэтичными компаниями для получения финансовой выгоды. Киберпреступники постоянно изменяют вредоносные коды, чтобы не быть опознанными. Поэтому компания Sunbelt создала ThreatNet - всемирную сеть для сотен тысяч пользователей, которые сообщают относительно новых spyware-вспышек.

    CounterSpy is a powerful anti-spyware tool that detects, deletes and protects your personal computer from a broad range of malicious software. It was chosen as PC WORLD 2005 BEST BUY, and is recommended by Dell. CounterSpy has Active Protection, the best spyware database in the industry and the fastest scan times. CounterSpy also has sophisticated protection against recurring spyware threats. Think of it as a "spy-wall" that protects you in real-time against cyber-criminals!
    Remove spyware and protect your computer from pop-up ads, browser redirects (hijack), lagging performance and other malicious threats. Counterspy's Active Protection system employs dozens of online 'guards' who continually monitor your PC for suspicious software attempting to install. CounterSpy is antispyware that gets its updated spyware definitions from three sources, including our own research team, Microsoft's own spyware research group, and directly from users, like you.

    Remove Spyware without Losing PC Performance
    CounterSpy V2 is getting more and more popular by the day. It's a powerful Anti-Spyware tool that does not bog down your PC. Long, 'heavy-CPU' spyware scans are a thing of the past. With CounterSpy V2's small memory footprint, you don't have to choose between PC security and PC performance.

    Better, Smarter, and Faster Than Ever
    You want 24/7 protection, and you don't want to notice it. You want the spyware definition updates to be short, and not interfere with your other work. CounterSpy gets you what you want! Version 2 has been rated better than the competition by the major independent reviews. And award-winning CounterSpy has a new secret weapon: the VIPRE™ Anti-Malware technology protects you against today's increasingly complex malware threats.

    Groundbreaking Technology
    Now, the most menacing spyware, rootkits, and blended malware threats have no place to hide! With CounterSpy V2's revolutionary new design you get faster, more effective spyware scans and real-time protection that removes even the deepest rooted malware from your PC.

    There is a problem with some freeware you might run...
    Since no one wants to spend money they don't have to, you might be running free Anti-Spyware like Ad-Aware and/or SpyBot. That's where the problem comes in! Unfortunately, by now these products simply don't cut it anymore. Recent reviews show that over time they have fallen behind significantly. They just don't catch the really bad stuff any more. To illustrate the point, SpyBot recently only got 3 Stars at Download.com, and Ad-Aware just got 2 from PC Magazine. In this case it is true that with freeware "you get what you pay for". You absolutely need better, weapons-grade Anti-Spyware against soaring Internet crime.

    Advantages of CounterSpy V2

    - Heavy-duty Anti-Spyware protection, but light on CPU and Memory.
    - Kernel-level Active Protection™ guards you 24/7.
    - Hybrid design combines Anti-Malware technology with our award-winning spyware detection and removal.
    - Deep-rooted malware is exterminated at boot time, before Windows loads.
    - Small, regular definition updates greatly reduce update downloading time.
    - Well over 1,500,000 threat definitions!
    - Vista compatible: Integrates seamlessly with the Vista Windows Security Center.

    CounterSpy V2 is the Only Anti-Spyware with:
    Hybrid Engine. CounterSpy is powered by a hybrid engine that merges spyware detection and remediation with Sunbelt's all-new VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine). VIPRE incorporates both traditional Anti-Virus technology and cutting-edge Anti-Malware techniques. This marriage of technologies enables CounterSpy to respond more effectively than other products to today's increasingly complex and blended threats.
    FirstScan™ is a scan and remove on-boot technology that runs when triggered by a CounterSpy scan to root out deeply embedded malware, even before Windows loads. CounterSpy V2 is the only Anti-Spyware with FirstScan technology.




  2. angelss

    angelss Писатель

    6 дек 2008
    CounterSpy 3.1.2710

    What's New In CounterSpy Version 3?
    - Increased scan speed and dramatically reduced Memory and CPU usage.
    - Easier interface with a new Overview page that gives you the system health.
    - Advanced Rootkit protection in addition to FirstScan.
    - Active Protection now includes 'On Access' scanning to see when spyware is copied or opened.
    - CounterSpy V3 is a Subset of VIPRE and uses the same advanced detection capabilities found in VIPRE.
    - New ability to view the history of events, scans, and Active Protection with actions taken.

    Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 2000 SP4 RollUp 1
    Windows Server 2003
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet) 32 and 64-bit
    Windows Vista+ (All flavors) 32 and 64-bit

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    Размер: 12,7 МБ
    Скачать: CounterSpy 3.1.2710 + лекарство

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