DeskPRO Enterprise v2.0.1

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XEvil 4.0 Релиз Состоялся!
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  1. VanGog

    VanGog ROOT

    6 апр 2006

    DeskPRO is a customer relationship management system. The major components of this system include:
    • A ticket system for interaction between staff and end users, providing both web and e-mail interfaces for users and staff
    • A category-driven knowledgebase for self-service questions & answers
    • Staff teamwork tools (news, private messaging, etc.)
    • Staff self-management tools (calendaring, performance stats, etc.)
    • Extensive statistics and reporting facility
    • Billing system
    • Customized fields for tickets and users
    • Highly accessible to all users and skill levels (context-sensitive help system, multiple languages support, etc.
    • Advanced administration controls (template editor, technician permissions editor, system settings, etc.)
    DeskPRO can be installed on your own equipment as a downloaded product, or it can be hosted on our own servers. This comparison chart can help you decide between these two options.
    There are several ways to try out DeskPRO to see if it's right for your business:DeskPRO Screenshots

    These screenshots show how DeskPRO looks and functions; on this page, we showcase important basic features. You can find more screenshots from different parts of DeskPRO on the pages linked at left.
    Note: We're still hard at work creating more screenshots to help demonstrate DeskPRO, so check back often, and please pardon our dust (some images may be missing as we make updates).
    <table cellpadding="10"> <tbody><tr><td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    DeskPRO's user interface (front page) </td> <td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    Viewing a FAQ article in the user interface </td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    DeskPRO's technician interface (front page) </td> <td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    The technician's calendar </td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    The technician's faq WYSIWYG editor </td> <td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    Viewing a ticket in the technician interface </td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    DeskPRO's administration interface (front page) </td> <td valign="top"> [​IMG]
    Viewing a report in the administration interface
    </td></tr> </tbody></table> Думаю зазеркалил нормально.
    Релиз скриптмафии, там инсталяха неработала , всё исправил.
    Рабочее 100%
    Незабываем спасибо говорить ))
    p.s. Самая полная последняя версия ( юзерская часть с русским языком )
    GitoKorol, maximusart и Xp10r3r нравится это.
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