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    17 мар 2006
    cP Creator is a brand new, unique cPanel Creation script like no other. With it's powerful, secure CURL creating script it gives you, the host the flexibility and power needed to automate your Free Hosting buisness. The well coded fast loading, flexible script gives you the ease needed without any of those dreaded error messages which you don't know anything about. If something did go wrong in cP Creator when creating the account, no matter what error it is, it will give you a debug. A debug which will inform the host exactly what is the problem! cP Creator is a script built up on a PHP 5.2.5 Server, it's fully flexible with server versions, it currently works with all versions which we've tested. So what you waiting for? Download and get going!
    Account Process



    Admin Area



    v1.6.1 DOWNLOAD!

    Because of my FTP Cache, I compiled a older version of the cP Creator. I've re-uploaded and fixed SQL Errors in the Upgrade. Visit the main site for a download link.
    cP Creator v1.6 BETA Launched

    v1.6 is now released! What's new?
    1) Complete Re-Write in Template System. Choose your own theme in ACP, plus Classic Theme added!
    2) User System Added. Suspend and Terminate accounts in ACP.
    3) Bugs Fixed - (Browser Login Blanks, General minor updates)
    4) Sigunps Disabled Message - Change it in ACP
    5) Email Validation - To prevent Spam, email validation has been added. You can change the email template in ACP.

    cP Creator v1.6 in the works!

    So what will be new? Well here's the list:
    - Email Validation (Editable Email)
    - User System in ACP (Suspend, Terminate)
    - BUG FIXES (IE Fixes)
    - FULL Template System Re-write. Choose themes in ACP.
    I'll post another news item when completed.

    The cP Creator, is a new script hoping to beat the rivals. It offers the features, the support and the simplicity. For instructions on how to install or upgrade cP Creator, check the files given in the zip or check the documentation. Download the latest build:

    v1.6.1 BETA
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    Note: If you downloaded v1.6 URGENT download v1.6.1!

    v1.5 CURRENT
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    Found any bugs? Got any comments/suggestions?
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    There maybe a wiki which may be installed in the future, untill then here's how to install cP Creator:

    1) Create a database of your choice.
    2) Update the information in
    3) Go into your phpMyAdmin and execute the SQL in SQL.txt
    4) Log into your admin panel and update your information in Перейти по ссылке
    5) Get going!
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