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  1. Cosmo

    Cosmo WGT

    19 мар 2006
    IIPImage is an Open Source light-weight client-server system for the remote viewing of very high-resolution images. It is designed to be bandwidth and memory efficient and usable even over a slow internet connection. The system is fast because the client only needs to download the portion of the whole image that is visible on the screen of the user at their current viewing resolution. The client requests a view of an image and the server only needs to send back the image tiles necessary for that particular view. This makes it possible to view, navigate and zoom around very large images that would be impossible to download and manipulate on the local machine. It also makes the system very scalable as the image tile downloads will take the same regardless of the size of the source image. In addition, to reduce the bandwidth necessary even further, the tiles sent back are dynamically JPEG compressed with a level of compression that can be optimized for the available bandwidth by the client. In this way it is possible to view extremely large gigapixel images in real-time over the internet.

    In order for the system to be as efficient as possible, the images are stored in the multi-resolution TIFF tiled pyramidal format. This allows the server to extract regions of the full image at different resolutions very quickly with little processing overhead. Image of several gigapixels in size can be stored on a central server and viewed by many different users without the need to download large amounts of data.

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