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    Preventative Maintenance and Problem Solving for Your PC CheckIt® Diagnostics Version 7.0 offers one of the quickest and most thorough evaluations of your PC's hardware. If you are experiencing problems or want confirmation of system configuration and performance, CheckIt® Diagnostics Version 7.0 fits the bill. Exhaustive tests thoroughly check your individual hardware components and walk you through problem resolution quickly and easily. Get Underneath Windows and Find PC Problems Fast
    This powerful pre-boot version of CheckIt® Diagnostics Version 7.0 gives you diagnostics that run even when Windows won't. Offering maximum portability for technicians and advanced users, you'll receive detailed information that shows exactly what components are in a system and how they are configured. Plus it provides you a complete set of test tools for each subsystem on your PC.

    CheckIt® Diagnostics is the ideal utility
    Runs from a single floppy disk.
    Includes in-depth electronic user's guide.
    Provides low-level system analysis and testing.
    Generates detailed hardware reports.
    Cleanup Screen
    Easily identify and remove outdated or missing links from start menu;
    Cleanup unused files from hard drives; and
    Remove unnecessary programs.


    PC Stress Test
    Stress tests your machine to identify potential problems and confirm your PC's stability.

    TCP/IP Tool
    This utility can detect if a host is alive and get the information of the route to the host.
    Bonus: CheckIt® Portable Edition, a pre-boot diagnostics tool with a comprehensive hierarchical user interface, is included. Check it out.
    Portable Edition Key Functions:
    Brings the power of a professional testing diagnostic application into a program anyone can use.
    Supports advanced technologies (SMB, ACPI, PCI, PnP, USB, ATAPI and DMI).
    Detects, Examines and tests all components of your computer.
    Portable Edition Key Features:
    Self-Booting - runs directly at the hardware level, and is completely independent of the operation system that is installed.
    Network Adapters - will detect and display the Ethernet address and identification code of PCI/PnP or NE2000 compatible legacy network adapters.
    Detailed Hardware Reports - generates reports from a full system detail of 60+ pages to a single page summary.
    Memory Testing - you can run one or all of the 18 different memory test algorithms to thoroughly test system memory (up to 4GB).
    Resolve Resource Conflicts - with system resource maps showing I/O, IRQ, DMA and ROM addresses allowing you to
    easily identify and resolve system resource conflicts.
    CheckIt® Portable Edition empowers you to become the expert to solve all of your computer problems.

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