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    Want to create your PayPal shop to sell your products on your website or CD? It was never so easy. With PayPal Shop Builder you can build your HTML-based online shop without the need of learning how to integrate PayPal.
    You can quickly and easily work with your product information directly in PayPal Shop Builder and create your product catalog PayPal-enabled with built-in JavaScript Shopping Cart, PayPal Buy Now Button or standard PayPal Shopping Cart. The generated pages for the storefront are pure HTML and JavaScript, you can publish them to virtually any server or even on a CD. Within minutes your site will be able to accept credit card payment through PayPal.
    PayPal Shop Builder 2 supports sophisticated custom shipping, tax and discount calculation as well as PayPal item-based shipping, tax and handling. It also support Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT) using server-side scripting technologies.
    PayPal Shop Builder template is highly customizable. You can change the layout or the look and feel of the whole website by modify one HTML page and its CSS stylesheet only. You can also customize the layout of the product catalog pages to display your products as you want.

    PayPal Shop Builder Feature
    Generate full PayPal shop for Website or CD
    Pure HTML/JavaScript - your PayPal shop can be hosted anywhere on any Web server
    Generate product catalog pages with various layout options and detailed info pages for each product
    Support built-in JavaScript Shopping Cart, PayPal Buy Now Button or standard PayPal Shopping Cart
    Unlimited number of Websites
    Unlimited number of product categories
    Unlimited number of products with product image*
    Creates thumbnail images for products automatically
    Combo boxes for PayPal option fields
    Optional alphabetical and numerical page index
    HTML editor for editing HTML product description
    Supporting adding and editing of unlimited menu items and user pages to the Website Various optional HTML settings
    Built-in template editor with preview and external editor support
    CSS style sheet integration
    Project file as save and restart point
    Fully customizable template - change layout and look and feel of Website by modifying just one HTML file and its CSS stylesheet
    PayPal item based shipping, handling, tax and option field name (1.5+)
    Option Editor for easy editing of PayPal options fields (1.5+)
    Custom currency settings (1.5+)
    Product prices changeable with option fields (1.5+)
    Multi-Update form for updating multiple products simultaneously (1.5+)
    XP look and feel (1.5+)
    Custom shipping, tax and discount (2.0+)
    Multi-level sub-category (2.0+)
    Multi-level sub-menu (2.0+)
    Instant Payment Notification (IPN) (2.0+)
    Payment Data Transfer (PDT) (2.0+)
    Digital goods download (2.0+)

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