[Разное] PC Pitstop Exterminate v1.0.6.5

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    PC Pitstop Exterminate v1.0.6.5 | 2.16mb

    PC Pitstop Exterminate can protect any PC from Spyware running Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, or 98. PC Pitstop Exterminate - Anti-Spyware. At PC Pitstop, we hate spyware or any other software that installs without our permission or knowledge. The most innocuous ones store simple information about your surfing habits, and the worst can turn your PC into a spam zombie sending out illegal emails in the middle of the night. Or more likely, software that covers your PC with pop-up advertising, ruining your browsing experiencing, and slowing down your PC's performance.

    Application Features and Benefits

    -- Detects and Removes Spyware
    -- Easy Step-By-Step Wizard Format
    -- Daily Automatic Signature Updates
    -- Protects Personal Information
    -- Restores Computer Performance
    -- Learn more about Spyware threats
    -- Rescues Hijacked Web Pages
    -- Stops Annoying Adware Popup Ads

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