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    My Talking Calculator is an easy to use, small and talking calculator
    My Talking Calculator is a useful and small calculator that occupies a very small area from the screen.

    My Talking Calculator accepts the following operator and functions:
    (, ), +, *, /, ^, sin, arcsin, sinh, arsinh, cos, arccos, cosh, arcosh, tan, arctan, tanh, artanh, exp, ln, int, abs, 10^x, log, rad, deg, x^2, sqrt.

    features of "My Talking Calculator":

    · Talk the result of the calculation in English.
    · Create the new talking calculator in your own voice and your own language.
    · Calculate the expression easily.
    · Locate very small space on the screen, so you could use any other software and finish your daily calculation with the My Talking Calculator at the same time.
    · Display the input and output at the same line and at the same time.
    · Beautiful GUI.

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