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    GEAR Video v8.20 | 30 MB

    You're the director! Expertly create finished movies direct from your camcorder
    :: Transfer digital video direct to DVD
    :: Edit home video into amazing movies
    :: Burn and copy DVDs and music CDs
    :: record and edit audio files
    :: Back up music, video, and photo files

    You're the director! Expertly create finished movies direct from your camcorder

    > Transfer digital video direct to DVD
    Plug your camcorder into your PC. Then capture your video footage and transfer it direct to DVD.
    > Edit home video into amazing movies
    Cut scenes, merge footage, add transitions, special effects, background music, photos and much more!
    > Burn and copy DVDs and music CDs
    Import professional-quality DVD movies to any recordable or erasable format. Customize background colors, text labels, and menus.
    > Record and edit audio files
    Rip an entire CD or selected tracks and convert them to your preferred digital audio format.
    > Backup music, video, and photo files
    Guard against file loss by backing up all of your important music, video, and photo files.


    -= Video =-
    - Create DVD-Videos, Video CDs, or Super Video CDs.
    - capture video from your digital camcorder through any Firewire (IEEE-1394) interface.
    - Encode captured DV video (.avi files) to DVD, VCD, or SVCD format (MPEG-2 or MPEG-1).
    - Transcode Windows Media Center Edition™ video files (DVR-MS) to DVD, VCD, or SVCD format.
    - Transcode DivX™ video files to DVD, VCD, or SVCD format.
    - Create and burn DVD-Video, VCD, or SVCD titles with menus.
    - Import and burn any unencrypted DVD Movie title.
    - Copy DVD Movies or DVD-ROM titles from one drive to another, or using only one DVD burner.
    - Burn DVDs, including DVD-9 (dual layer) titles to DVD+R Double Layer (DL) recordable media. GEAR DVD gives you total, accurate control over the layer break setting for optimal disc layout and reliable playability.
    - Add ROM content (additional files, software, etc.) to DVD-Video titles.

    -= Audio =-
    - Fast and easy audio ripping! Rip CD audio tracks to MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG Audio or OGG.
    - GEAR automatically identifies CD-Audio discs, filling in the artist and title of each track.
    - Rip the entire disc or selected tracks in one easy step.
    - GEAR gives you complete control over encoded audio quality and file size.
    - CD copying through a easy Disc Copy button, with ability to copy from any CD or DVD drive to any burner. Make multiple copies! Copy DVD movies, DVD-ROM, CD-Audio, or CD-ROM discs perfectly, with only one drive, or from drive to drive.
    - Copy CD+G (karaoke CDs), Audio CDs with CD-text.
    - Add or edit CD-Text on CD-Audio tracks.
    - Adjust pause between audio tracks.
    - UPC-EAN and ISRC codes can be assigned to the audio tracks.
    - A built-in audio editor allows you to trim, fade, edit, or normalize the volume of audio files.
    - Complete control over both ripping and burning speed.
    - Print a CD-inlay card with a track list.
    - Import and burn unencrypted DVD-Audio disc images.

    -= CD-ROM, DVD-ROM Recording =-
    - Back up or copy your files to CD or DVD. GEAR's explorer layout and drag and drop interface makes backing up files to recordable or eraseable CDs and DVDs quick and easy.
    - Create incremental backups - include only files that were modified since the previous backup.
    - Write 100% compatible CD-ROM and DVD-ROM titles with ISO, ISO+UDF, or UDF only file systems.
    - ISO Joliet extensions, for long filenames.
    - Create and append multisession CDs or DVDs.
    - Create mixed-mode (CD-Audio + ROM) titles.

    -= advanced Capabilities =-
    - Disc information tool shows detailed format, volume, session, and track information for any CD or DVD.
    - Drive capabilities display shows all available formats and options for each CD or DVD drive.
    - Format, perform full erase or quick erase on CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW media.
    - Convert projects to a physical image (ISO image).
    - Burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs.
    - Master high definition WMV-HD titles!
    - Create bootable CDs or DVDs.
    - Offline formatting creates discs optimized for indexing disc projects containing large numbers of files.
    - Support for recording files larger than 4 GB (UDF file system only).
    - Incremental Packet Writing allows you to add or delete files quickly from erasable discs (RW). Support for fixed and variable packet writing.
    - Create mixed mode CD's, with CD-Audio tracks and CD-ROM files.
    - Fastest Virtual Image building on the market, using less than 5% of the total disc image size.
    - Track-at-once or disc-at-once recording.

    -= Reliable CD and DVD Burning =-
    - Fast, complete verification insures that every disc is 100% playable.
    - Burnproof, Justlink, and other buffer underrun protection systems are supported.
    - Your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM file system will meet ISO-9660 and UDF specifications 100% for total compatibility with CD and DVD drives, DVD players, PCs and other computer systems.
    - CD-Audio titles meet all Sony/Philips CD Red Book specifications for playability in the widest variety of CD players.
    - GEAR's recording engine is installed and running reliably on millions of PCs around the world.
    - GEAR's updated drivers and device configuration files are always available for free download.
    - GEAR's support staff is always available to help you through our Support Forums, or directly by e-mail.

    -= Powerful Multi-tasking =-
    - Record to multiple drives at the same time.
    - CD or DVD copying through a easy Disc Copy button, with ability to copy from any CD or DVD drive to any burner. Copy one to many using multiple burners! Copy discs perfectly, even with only one drive.
    - Work on a new project while you burn CDs and DVDs.

    Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/me/98
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