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    Smart Undelete is a powerful file unerase and data recovery software that works capably to unerase both hard drives and floppy discs.
    It"s versatile feature set offers many flexible and useful options - at the click of a button, you can easily preview the files scanned before you decide to save them. At the click of another, quickly find a file you"re looking for, by entering a partial file-name and path name.
    Do you find that you need those deleted files after all? The really important ones that someone accidentally deleted? Is there virus damage on the system, and your priceless data lost, seemingly forever? Get Smart Undelete! It will rescue your files and restore them in no time at all!

    Files emptied from the Recycle Bin, or those bypassing it.
    Files deleted by viruses or application programs
    Files accidentally deleted on a share network
    Files deleted using removed directories
    Files deleted prior to your Smart Undelete installation
    Files deleted using DOS prompt command


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    15 окт 2006
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