Photoshop Workflow Setups: Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography

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    ISBN: 0596101686
    Title: Photoshop Workflow Setups: Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography
    Author: Eddie Tapp
    Publisher: O'Reilly Media
    Publication Date: August 01, 2006
    Format: CHM


    Leery of 800-page books that try to teach you everything about digital photography? You should be. Rather than delve into the nuances of efficient workflow, color management, or creating spectacular enhancements, these doorstop volumes tend to gloss over key information in an attempt to cover everything.

    Our new book series, Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography, is different. An award-winning photographer, Eddie is acknowledged as one of the premier trainers of digital imaging in the world, a highly sought-after expert who educates many corporations, studios and agencies. In this series, he brings his teaching experience to bear on technical issues in six focused and affordable books on digital photography that offer one topic per volume with answers that are quick to find when you need them most.

    The first book, Photoshop Workflow Setups: Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography, offers a step-by-step approach for configuring key areas of Adobe Photoshop CS2 to create an efficient, visually uncluttered workspace. Photoshop has so many different work areas and tools that it can become confusing or even intimidating for digital photographers to use in a production environment-whether you're a serious amateur or a working professional.

    This highly-visual, well-designed book presents Photoshop's vast collection of menus, palettes, and tools, showing you not only how they work, but how they should work for you and your specific needs. With his easygoing and authoritative style, Eddie demonstrates how to:

    * Create an efficient workspace by using the "arrange" menu and setting the screen view
    * Become familiar with palettes for layers, channels and paths; history and actions; color, swatches and styles; and more
    * Set preferences for file handling, guides and grids, memory and image cache, and more
    * Customize keyboard shortcuts and menus
    * Work with Adobe Bridge
    * Use Photoshop's selection, painting, graphics, and vector tools, among others

    In addition to this title, Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography will also focus on color management; advanced and professional production techniques; controlling digital color and tone; and creative enhancement techniques. We're thrilled that Eddie Tapp has finally agreed to publish books-and with O'Reilly.
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