Inout Meta Search Engine v1.0

Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем ArtemZ, 6 окт 2006.

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Модераторы: DMS
  1. ArtemZ

    ArtemZ Прохожие

    [sCripT iNfO]───────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    ■ Script name : Inout Meta Search Engine v1.0
    ■ Supplied by : DGT
    ■ Nullified by : DGT
    ■ Tested by : DGT
    ■ Protection : Hotlinks, Callbacks, Copyright
    ■ Homepage :
    ■ Release date : 31-09-2006
    ■ Release type : PHP/MySQL
    ■ Price : $69.95
    ■ Under music : Silence ;)


    Inout Search Engine is the most powerful, affordable, flexible,
    feature rich, customizable search engine script available on the
    internet. It comes preloaded with 11 of the most popular searches on
    the net including Web, Images, Audio, Video, News, Open Directory and
    Wikipedia which you can edit and enable or disable as you wish. Add
    this to our unique search engine creator which will instantly make
    new engines based on themes and keywords or websites and you can
    choose to run fully featured search engines like Yahoo or create
    niche specialist engines based on anything you want. With a few
    clicks you can create engines dedicated to any topic you like.

    [/End dEscriptioN]───────────────────────────────────────────────────

    [iNfO aBouT rElEaSe]

    Upload all files in BINARY mode.
    Run validator.php before editing files to verify release.
    Use online verifier of validator.php file and you will see NFO file.
    Remove after checking both files from server and enjoy.
    Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases.
    If you don't see these files, don't trust.
    Do not modify validator.php. If you can't pass online check - it isn't
    our release.

    Online tool: verify [dot] grinderz [dot] info.

    [/End iNfO aBouT rElEaSe]
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