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  1. venom_

    venom_ Создатель

    20 май 2008

    Название плагина: Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
    Версия: 2.4
    Минимальная версия WordPress: 3.8
    Совместимость с WordPress: 3.8 - 5.2.x
    Автор плагина: EverPress

    Mailster is an easy to use Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress. Create, send and track your Newsletter Campaigns without hassle.

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  2. dimasya

    dimasya Создатель

    21 мар 2007
    Mailster 2.4.8
  3. elama-16064164

    elama-16064164 Создатель

    11 авг 2016
    Нужна ссылка
    Version 2.4.10
    • new: option to pick emoji for subject, preheader and from name
    • improved: refactoring of JavaScript
    • improved: refactoring of action based auto responders
    • improved: campaigns in conditions are now ordered alphabetically.
    • improved: content is now pasted as plain text instead of rich type
    • fixed: creating campaigns with feeds which timeout causes empty autoresponders.
    • fixed: redirection error on confirmation
    • fixed: result of empty lists is no longer null
    • fixed: links in iframe forms open now in parent window.
    • fixed: issue where resuming a campaign on stats page is not possible.
    • added: mailster_register_form_signup_field filter hook to modify signup checkbox on registration screen.
    • added: more bulk options to campaign overview.
    Version 2.4.9
    • change: moved text strings for GDPR to text tab for better localization.
    • change: sanitize_content method no longer handles custom Mailster styles (changes to the methods arguments)
    • added: mailster_add_tag action hook to add custom tags.
    • added: mailster_add_style action hook to add custom styles.
    • improved: block tags removed in final output
    • improved: RSS feed method for more flexible feed support.
    • improved: tags now can return WP_Error object which prevents the campaign from sending.
    • added: mailster_gdpr_label filter to change the content.
    • fixed: empty strings on action hook based campaigns
    • fixed: unchecked required checkbox prevents form fields page from saving.
    • fixed: wrong less memory warning
    • fixed: problem with CodeEditor on Avada
    • fixed: missing inline styles on html elements from tags.
  4. venom_

    venom_ Создатель

    20 май 2008
    Version 2.4.11 (2020-06-24)
    • change: changing the email address on the profile sets status to pending and sends confirmation message if double opt in is enabled.
    • change: the most recent notification is now displayed at the top.
    • added: mailster_register_dynamic_post_type action hook to add custom dynamic post types.
    • added: option to disable in-app-unsubscribe option
    • fixed: issue where editor is not loading with some themes activated
    • fixed: JS error if inline editor is not used
    • fixed: people got unsubscribed if bounce address is the same as sign up notifications email.
    • improved: User Agent handling.
    • improved: pasting text from external source.
    • improved: better support fro data-uris in style declarations.
    • improved: better handling of sending HTML message with third party plugins
    • removed: Gmail delivery option (fallback to SMTP)
    • deprecated: use of Gmail via LSA as announced via Google. Please use our dedicate Gmail addon instead.

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  5. Shtopor131313

    Shtopor131313 Постоялец

    11 фев 2017
    Mailster 2.4.14 - Nulled