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    12 сен 2007
    Keeping a PC clean isn't easy with all of the different types of
    hardware, software and drivers available, so it's hard to say if
    your PC is clean without first analyzing your system's registry.
    Many find this an arduous and confusing task which is why more
    than 100,000 people each week turn to PC Optimizer Pro to keep
    their PC clean of registry problems or potential issues.

    PC Optimizer Pro helps you safely clean, repair and optimize the
    Windows registry with a few simple mouse clicks! Common cause of
    Windows crashes, slow performance and error messages is actually
    the problems with the Windows registry. Regular use of PC
    Optimizer Pro followed by fixing registry errors should not only
    be more stable but it will also help improve your system
    performance without expensive hardware upgrades.

    Some reasons why you may find that you need to use a PC Optimizer
    Pro include:

    · you frequently install or uninstall programs
    · you delete software that was never really fully "uninstalled"
    · you have embedded Spyware or third party programs that revive
    themselves with each boot
    · you have gone through a hardware install/uninstall
    · you have unused but undeleted drivers on your system

    With so many changes occurring as you use your computer; your PC
    gets weighed down of useless program files which takes
    significant windows resources; also windows registry can become
    corrupted or filled with errors and empty destinations.

    Whether you need to keep your PC clean because of remnants being
    left behind after an uninstall or because you incorrectly removed
    software, have corrupted hardware drivers, or orphaned startup
    programs, PC Optimizer Pro can ensure that your PC stays clean
    and free from registry errors and system-slowing issues.

    PC Optimizer Pro optimizes your computers performance, making
    your computer run faster, and preventing up to 90% of Windows
    crashes. If your PC is clean of registry errors then you will
    absolutely notice an end to slow, frozen, or unpredictable
    operation. In fact, if your system is already crashing or seizing
    for no apparent reason, then keeping your PC clean by fixing the
    registry and monitoring its activity may be the best solution.

    PC Optimizer Pro is a collection of system-maintenance and
    optimization utility to tune up windows performance. It removes
    junk files and zero size files to save valuable disk space; it
    has built-in PC Optimizer to prevent application crashes.

    With the Backup feature it automatically backs up those orphan
    registry keys it cleans. You can also backup complete registry
    before you use this utility and restore backup later if required.
    This will facilitate you hedge your risk of losing any data or
    facing any unexpected problem in future.

    The utility has Startup Manager, to prevent spy applications from
    running behind your back; it erases your navigation tracks to
    ensure your privacy by erasing the history of those applications;
    it can find and fix or remove broken windows shortcuts.

    Through One-step PC Maintenance Wizard; you can schedule system
    maintenance to take place unattended; system information and much

    Your computer will be stable and run applications more smoothly.
    It is fast, easy, safe, and powerful.


    · Windows Series (XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000 inclusive)

    Minimum System Requirements:

    · Minimum Pentium I with 32 MB Ram and Windows NT/2000/XP/98.
    Minimum Windows 95/NT4

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