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    The short, focused lessons presented in Sams Teach Yourself CSS in 10 Minutes will help you quickly understand CSS and how to immediately apply it to your work. Author Russ Weakley is a well-respected member of the CSS community and is known for his ability to make complicated concepts easy-to-understand for even inexperienced CSS users. With this book, you will cover the essentials for standards compliant techniques that are supported by the most common browsers. Once you master the basics, Weakley will also take you inside positioning, troubleshooting CSS, and handling common CSS bugs. Sams Teach Yourself CSS in 10 Minutes is the ultimate quick learning tool and handy desk reference guide to CSS.

    Lesson 1. Understanding CSS
    Lesson 2. Using CSS Rules
    Lesson 3. Selectors in Action
    Lesson 4. Applying Styles
    Lesson 5. Getting to Know the CSS Box Model
    Lesson 6. Adding Background Images
    Lesson 7. Formatting Text
    Lesson 8. Styling a Flexible Heading
    Lesson 9. Styling a Round-Cornered Heading
    Lesson 10. Styling Links
    Lesson 11. Positioning an Image and Its Caption
    Lesson 12. Creating a Photo Gallery
    Lesson 13. Styling a Block Quote
    Lesson 14. Styling a Data Table
    Lesson 15. Creating Vertical Navigation
    Lesson 16. Creating Horizontal Navigation
    Lesson 17. Styling a Round-Cornered Box
    Lesson 18. Creating a Site Header
    Lesson 19. Positioning Two Columns with a Header and a Footer
    Lesson 20. Styling a Page for Print
    Lesson 21. Positioning Three Columns with a Header and a Footer
    Lesson 22. Troubleshooting CSS

    Pub Date: November 07, 2005
    ISBN: 0-672-32745-7
    Pages: 256


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