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  1. hugosavio

    hugosavio Писатель

    30 июл 2007
    Page Gallery v3
    * Page Gallery™ is Fully automated - Easy to use.
    * Page Gallery™ is Drag & Drop.
    * Page Gallery™ is designed within Photoshop 7.0 and CS.
    * Page Gallery™ operates as a �?skin’ over Photoshop so you can seamlessly switch between the two.
    * Quick page construction (under three minutes per spread).
    * Infinitely adjustable designs.
    * All individual layers (including some combined constructions for ease of use).
    * View all your images as thumbnails, and hide or reveal as you require.
    * Elegant and Sophisticated templates all designed and constructed by Yervant .
    * Multiple sized output within ratio.
    * Full resolution outputs selectable by operator.
    * Batch Output up to 80 spreads.
    * 2200+ Templates, compatible with most Album manufactures.
    * Full resolution outputs selectable by operator.
    * The general release of Page Gallery™ offers photographers the option of creating their own personalized style of albums and having it printed and book bound wherever they prefer.
    * Page Gallery™ is strictly for the use of Photographic studios who become registered and licensed users.
    * Page Gallery™ is not for sale to any photographic or commercial printing laboratory or album manufacturer (a special license can be organized by contacting Yervant).
    * Page Gallery™ copyright is protected by law and owned by Yervant.
    * Page Gallery™ is compatible with Photoshop 7 and CS.
    * Page Gallery™ is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.
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  2. dymo310

    dymo310 Писатель

    28 май 2006
    it does NOT work with CS3, however, there is an
    upgrade - 3.5 - and i have looked, but so far no sigar.
    if anyone getz their hands on the upgrade, let us know

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