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  1. goodvin

    goodvin Человек-Волшебник

    27 июн 2006
    Build and Run Your Own High Powered Search Engine & Directory Portal With PowerSeek

    PowerSeek SQL enables you to create your own Directory & Search Engine. It has been created to be a mission critical search engine that delivers, no matter how demanding the task.
    Creating a Search Engine & Directory would traditionally require large amounts of programming, finances, specialized technical skills and effort. Just as with Turbo Seek (PowerSeek's little brother) we follow the same philosophy with PowerSeek SQL. You don't need any programming skills or thousands of Dollars! PowerSeek SQL enables anyone to build a Search Engine & Directory Portal with the minimum expense and effort. No matter your level of technical expertise. If you can edit web pages, you can build your own fully functional Search Engine & Directory Portal with PowerSeek SQL. The highly intuitive interface enables you to literally start building your Search Engine & Directory within minutes after installation.
    With PowerSeek you create your own category hierarchy and add links to the categories via the extensive Admin Control Panel that comes with PowerSeek SQL. All links can then be searched with the intelligent search facility at lightning fast speeds.
    Link displays can be controlled with premium links and sorting options. Content sensitive advertisements can be displayed in categories you specify. You also have total control over new submissions, modified links and all the management aspects of your Search Engine & Directory. All HTML and text displayed in your Directory & Search Engine is also fully customizable. The high degree of customization available gives you the ability to have total control over the look and feel of your Search Engine & Directory. You can give it a total original look, exactly the way you want it to look like. See the Main Feature list below and online Demo's below for more information.


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  2. kassab

    kassab Постоялец

    8 апр 2006
    that is powersek 2.0 beta not 3.0
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