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Тема в разделе "Open Source", создана пользователем Tele2, 11 сен 2007.

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  1. Tele2


    14 апр 2006

    Netpet© CMS stands for easy-going application and administration of internet-sites, newsletters and banners. Even user with little experience after a short introduction are capable using Netpet-CMS for sure. This discribes a huge advantage in contrast to other available CM systems.
    Further you don´t need any special configured server to run Netpet CMS which means you are able to install Netpet CMS on standard web-accounts at a very low price (less than 5 Euro per month). Netpet-CMS is provided according to General Public Licence (GPL) so everyone can use and download it for free.
    Click here to download Netpet CMS...

    Netpet Agency offers different variants of Netpet systems. From the standard homepage up to a Internet-portal including any imaginable features. More offers you find at Netpet Agency...

    System requirements - server:
    min. PHP 4.1 and MySql database.
    PhpMyAdmin for database administration.
    min. 10MB-50MB Webspace.
    min. 5MB Upload via PHP
    CHMOD rights on folders.
    When using searchengine optimized links modrewrite has to be aktivated.

    System requirements - client:
    Firefox 2, Netscape 7 or Internet Explorer 7 on PC, MAC or Linux.
    Optional use of Shockwave-Plugin for picture editing.

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