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Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем wolfle, 24 сен 2006.

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    Whether you want to deliver digital goods from an online store or transfer files to an administrative back-end, Digital File Pro is the tool for you. Digital File Pro incorporates total file upload and download capabilities in your Web applications with full control over file placement, naming conventions, and file size or dimension restraints. Get your files moving quickly and easily with Digital File Pro.

    Secure downloads made simple
    Digital File Pro provides complete control over file downloads. Set the file source folder dynamically to protect your stored files from unauthorized downloads. Limit your transfers to a specific user, a set limit of downloads or within a given timeframe.
    Pure code uploads for ASP, PHP and ColdFusion
    Server-side components need not apply! Upload files to any pre-defined or dynamic location, automatically renaming files to prevent overwrites. Restrict files by size, type or dimension.
    Deliver digital goods
    Want to sell digital photographs, MP3 files, software or electronic documents? Digital File Pro includes a step-by-step multimedia presentation that shows you how to integrate Digital File Pro with eCart and Universal Email for a complete eCommerce solution.
    Store administrative files
    Seamlessly include images, documents or any other digital file in your database with Digital File Pro. Upload your file and update your database in one-step with Digital File Pro and DataAssist – the included Solution Recipe shows you the way.

    Homepage webassist.com
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    Файлы с рапиды потерли :confused:
    Перезалейте еще раз пожалуйста, или киньте на мейл.
    Заранее спасибо! :thenks:
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