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  1. Fishburger

    Fishburger Создатель

    31 авг 2007
    I've been meaning to put this together for a while, but I've been staying fairly busy. Well, with all the posts and questions I've seen lately in the STS, Aff. Marketing, and Newbie thread about zip/email submits, it's pretty obvious to me that it's high time that I put this out. Take note: this is not a definitive guide to EVERYTHING zip/email, but it is a method that I've used to generate a lot of zip/email leads. I'm not going to hide anything from you either - I'll give you the exact campaign that I ran that converted at over 300%.
    Step 1: Pick a popular news topic (something big that will get a lot of searches is good)
    Step 2: Scrape keywords from several of the top news stories online. When I've done this, I've actually grabbed quite a few news article titles as keywords.
    Step 3: Setup a quick one page (multi page if you want to put up privacy/copyright/about pages) site. The key here is QUICK. Don't go complex. THis is easy. This website is truly a case of KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). You should put this together in no more than 30 minutes. Use the keywords you scraped from the news article and run a poll based around the news topic. Try to make it a very easy yes/no question so that you don't confuse your audience and drive them away. Have the poll setup around 2 buttons (Yes or No, Now or Never, etc). Have both the buttons take the user to your zip/email submit.
    Step 4: Setup an ad campaign in one of the search engines for this topic. Use your scraped keywords and set your bids as low as you can go. (I did $0.05 in Adcenter and Adwords and $0.10 in Yahoo). Point the ad to your poll landing page.
    Step 5: Grab the most relavent zip/email you can to the demographic that you think will be most likely to be searching for this news article.
    Step 6: Profit.
    Ok, this may seem oversimplified, but it can really be that easy. To give you an example I'll be posting the exact campaign I used to do this.
    Now for the actual example and the numbers. How did I come up with this idea? Well, I just quit my job about 2 months ago. While I still had this job, I was driving to work and listening to the radio. I live in Atlanta, and on that day the news broke that Michael Vick was being indicted on dogfighting charges. No matter what station I listened to it was on. AM or FM, people everywhere were talking about it. All I could think was, TONS of people will be searching for info on this online - HOW CAN I CAPITALIZE? It hit me that I could setup a website that could ask people whether or not they thought Michael Vick was actually guilty of the charges. So that day at work I set about setting up this site:
    Mike Vick Survey - Michael Vick is the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Dogfighting and Indicted for Running Dog Fights
    I set it up in about 30 minutes. I scraped the content from a few news articles and filled out the meta with my keywords. I simply grabbed the keywords from large news articles online that were breaking the news that morning.
    Atlanta falcons scandal
    Bad Newz Kennels
    Larry Woodward case
    Larry Woodward dog fighting case
    Larry Woodward dogfight
    MV7 Inc
    Michael Vick Indictment
    Michael Vick dog fighting
    Michael Vick indicted
    Mike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dog fights
    Mike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dogfighting
    Mike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dogfights
    Mike Vick K-9 Kennels
    Mike Vick guilty
    Mike Vick indicted
    Mike Vick indictment
    NFL dogfighting
    VA dog fights
    VA dogfighting
    Vick Indicted
    Vick indictment
    Virginia dog fights
    Virginia dogfighting
    atlanta falcons quarterback indicted
    atlanta falcons scandal
    falcons dog fighting
    falcons qb indicted
    falcons qb indicted for dogfight
    falcons vick indicted
    falcons vick qb
    falcons vick quarterback
    is michael vick guilty
    is mike vick guilty
    michael vick
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    michael vick dog fighting
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    michael vick indicted
    michael vick running dogfights
    michael vick survey
    mike vick
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    mike vick dog fighting
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    mike vick indicted
    mike vick indicted for dogfighting
    mike vick scandal
    mike vick survey
    news about michael vick
    news about michael vick dogfighting
    news about mike vick
    news about mike vick dogfighting
    nfl scandals
    vick dog fighting
    vick dogfight
    vick dogfighting case
    vick dogfights
    Imagine my joy when I saw that NO ONE else was bidding on ANY of those keywords. (I got lucky). My campaign was live by 11:00 AM. I set up the following ad copy in Adwords:
    Is Michael Vick Guilty?
    You decide.
    Vote to get a $500 gift card.
    By 3:00 PM I had the ads setup in Yahoo and MSN as well (remember, I did all this while at WORK). I chose the Foot Locker Email submit offered by Copeac. It paid out at $1.50/lead. I later changed to a $500 Visa gift card zip submit that paid the same and changed my copy to say:
    Is Michael Vick Guilty?
    Vote now and receive a
    free $500 Visa Gift Card
    I found that the zip submit converted at a higher rate than email submits (this may vary depending on your niche/traffic). I chose the first offer to target the male sport audience that I expected to be searching this topic. It worked very well. The only thing was I wanted to try a zip submit and they didn't have a similar one. I even tried the iPhone email submit with the following copy:
    Is Michael Vick Guilty?
    You decide.
    Vote now and get a free iphone
    It didn't do poorly, but the others did even better. With the $500 Visa Gift card I began to convert about 20% of my traffic with bids of 5-10 cents. That means for every 5 people, one would convert. I'd pay 25-50 cents for those 5 visitors, but got paid out at $1.50. So, what's the end of the story? Well, I have to give props to PETA. They got a campaign going on quite a few of my keywords within 2 days in Google. They were the only advertiser competing with me for about 3 weeks though. After that, competition in Google increased for these keyterms as newspapers and magazines started covering the Michael Vick issue more and more. I shut down the campaign in google as the keywords went inactive for search and needed bid of $1+ to get active (obviously that woudn't work). I kept Yahoo and MSN going up until about 2 weeks ago. At that point the offers started converting kind of poorly, and I shut them down. Here's my stats on the Visa Gift card zip from Copeac:
    Visa Gift Card for Best Buy - $500 ^ Zip Submit 2,450 0 337 0 0% 0% 0 $0.00 N/A $1.50/lead $505.50
    I know the conversions here show about 13%, but it was closer to 35% when the campaign started. It evened out at about 25% before the conversions went to hell. This just goes to show, when you are paying for traffic you need to keep an eye on campaigns and kill them if they go negative (which this did after a litle over a month and a half). I could have switched out offers and tried some other one to see if it would work, but I was bored with this and had higher paying offers to spend my time/money on. I've tried this method several times, but this was one campaign that it really worked on for quite a while (I assume most of these will die out closer to 1-3 weeks). If you have half a brain you can follow my process though and figure out how to make it work for you.
    Will you get rich off this? Probably not. Maybe... it depends on how many niches you hit. There are several things I can think of that could increase conversions even more. You could spend more time on your landing pages and match the color/look/feel to the zip/email submit that you are promoting so that it looks like the visitor never left your site. You could tweak your ad copy, add more keywords, add more ppc engines, etc. You could also forego PPC and try using blackhat to get your page to the top results in the engines for your keywords and try getting some organic traffic like that. All in all though, this campaign took less than 4 hours of real work to setup, and gave me a 300% conversion rate for over a month. You can start with a small budget (as low as $5/day, but for best results be ready to set a budget of like $50/day to maximize on traffic - which will be highest right after the story breaks).
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  2. Fishburger

    Fishburger Создатель

    31 авг 2007
    Кого плющит читать буквы капитализма, смотри тут:
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  3. d56

    d56 Создатель

    29 июл 2007
    Ну для этого можно воспользоваться
    http://digg.com/all/popular/24hours или http://usatoday.com/:)
  4. benuts

    benuts Писатель

    9 сен 2007
    Короче, чувак задумался как получше натырить лидов и зипов от своих сограждан. Ехал он однажды на работу и слушал в машине новости, а там по всем каналам трубили одно и тоже, что местный спортсмен Миша Вик (Michael Vick) обвиняется в участии в собачьих боях (зарабатывал, собака). И начал наш чувак ломать голову, а как же монетизировать данную новость, занимавшую голову тысяч америкосов.

    Вот его стратегия монетизации:

    Step 1: Берем страшно популярную тему, чтобы искалось.

    Step 2: Набираем кивордов из нескольких источников новостей по данной теме.

    Step 3: Клеим одностраничник, главное быстро и без комплексов, по принципу KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Вставляем туда опрос общественного мнения, лучше всего только с двумя вариантами выбора: Yes/ОБХСС и завязываем это на ссылку выбивания лида/зипа.

    Step 4: Стартуем рекламную компашку с целью заполучения трафика. Используем набранные киворды и подбираем минимальные биды. Типа он делал $0.05 in Adcenter and Adwords and $0.10 in Yahoo. Указываем в рекламе нужный аэродром.

    Step 5: Подбираем наиболее подходящий оффер, лиды/зипы которого должны нормально пойти у народа.

    Step 6: Получаем бабло.

    Список кивордов по его конкретному случаю:
    Atlanta falcons scandalBad Newz KennelsLarry Woodward caseLarry Woodward dog fighting caseLarry Woodward dogfightMV7 IncMichael Vick IndictmentMichael Vick dog fightingMichael Vick indictedMike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dog fightsMike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dogfightingMike Vick Indicted for sponsoring dogfightsMike Vick K-9 KennelsMike Vick guiltyMike Vick indictedMike Vick indictmentNFL dogfighting VA dog fightsVA dogfightingVick IndictedVick indictmentVirginia dog fightsVirginia dogfightingatlanta falcons quarterback indictedatlanta falcons scandalfalcons dog fightingfalcons qb indictedfalcons qb indicted for dogfightfalcons vick indictedfalcons vick qbfalcons vick quarterbackis michael vick guiltyis mike vick guiltymichael vickmichael vick dog fightmichael vick dog fightingmichael vick dogfightingmichael vick dogfighting casemichael vick dogfighting raidmichael vick dogfightsmichael vick indictedmichael vick running dogfightsmichael vick surveymike vickmike vick dog fightmike vick dog fightingmike vick dogfightmike vick dogfightingmike vick dogfighting casemike vick indictedmike vick indicted for dogfightingmike vick scandalmike vick surveynews about michael vicknews about michael vick dogfightingnews about mike vicknews about mike vick dogfightingnfl scandalsvick dog fightingvick dogfight vick dogfighting casevick dogfights

    Чувак утверждает, что он окуел, когда увидел, что по его словам никаких ставок нет вааще. Поэтому он смело запустил Adwords:

    Is Michael Vick Guilty?
    Vote now and receive afree $500 Visa Gift Card
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  5. venetu


    28 мар 2007
    Одно мне в этой теме осталось не понятно... Кто платит этому чуваку и за что?

    Ну сделал он страницу, ну отрекламировал ее в адсенсе (за собственные вложения, как я понимаю), а дальше?

    Он собрал толпу имейлов? Или, что еще лучше, зип-кодов? (это типа индекс почтового отделения) Ну и?

    Он их продал дороже, чем 5 центов (стоимость клика) / 38% (конверсия) = 13 центов за штуку? Т.е. нашел каких-то перцев, которым можно продать базу имейлов из, допустим, миллиона записей, за СТО ТРИДЦАТЬТЫСЯЧ ДОЛЛАРОВ? Так вот же оно, золотое дно!!! А не вся эта лапша про одностраничный сайт, ключевые слова, собачье дерьмо и виктора дика, или как там его, спортсмена..

    Или я чего-то не понял, или в статье тема "откуда взялись деньги" не раскрыта совершенно..
  6. alexloobb


    27 сен 2006
    ты просто не знаешь большой темы под названием PPL PPA (pay per lead, pay per action), Copeac, Azoogle погугли это дело... есть множество рефоводов уже и на русском, бомжи называют себя, ну найдешь, это просто.
  7. Asil

    Asil Читатель

    25 апр 2007
    тебе сюда, есть ответы на все вопросы про PPL, PPA, и рефеводы тут:
  8. venetu


    28 мар 2007
    Ха! А ведь и вправду прикольно придумано!
    Можно еще подписи собирать, в помощь тюленям-белькам, например.

    Насобирать в инете жалостливых фоточек, расписать как их там зверски мучают и забивают на шкуры, и внизу такая кнопка:

    Я требую остановить этот беспредел!
    (подписалось ... человек)

    и чтоб кнопка вела прямо на анкету. Будут заполнять, хули там..
  9. danjae

    danjae Постоялец

    20 фев 2008
    А разве рекламодатели не отслеживают качество трафика? Если брать пример с визой, их же интересуют люди которым можно впарить визу, а не те кому интересен Michael Vick.
  10. Rezachok

    Rezachok Писатель

    6 мар 2008
    так поэтому и палят тему, потому что рекламодателя такого лопоухого теперь днем с огнем не найдешь.
    Спалили тему, так что теперь ею также легко не попользуешься. Хотя суть сама по себе очень даже интересна. Радиостанция создает ажиотаж, а человек этот ажиотаж конвертирует в трафик на сайте.
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