How to make money without almost any effort

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  1. spectrum

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    18 май 2007
    Ok first, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum...
    OK here it goes
    Basically you just sign up here - Перейти по ссылке
    Download a toolbar and just browse. You get money just for browsing. The max per month is 5 hours, so all you have to do is have it up 5 hours a month and your done. Now here comes the nice part. The more people that sign up from you, you get a share from their hours too. So basically you can make a lot of money without doing almost anything.
    This is in no way a scam, its not a virus, it does not have spyware or anykind of that shit.
    Never have to pay for something like World of Warcraft of memberships again. Use agloco - Перейти по ссылке
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