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    What features does the game have?
    To list just a few of the features:

    PvP - Player Vs Player - Each player can battle each other in duels.
    Guilds and guild wars.
    Hundrerds of monsters, several towns, and an extremely wide map flash to explore.
    Several quests to complete.
    7 Different character class's to choose from - everyone is individual and unique.
    9 Skills to level up and master.
    An active player market, for players to interact and sell their own items.
    A pet arena, for players to fight each of their trained and captured pets with each other.
    An in game player chat and forum.
    It would be impossible to list every single in-game feature, but above is just a small handful of great things to do within the game. Not only that, you will have access to an admin panel for easy editing and customising of the game. No skills are needed to use this. More information about the admin panel can be found further down this page.
    You can play a demo of the game by clicking here. Alternatively, you can view some screenshots here.

    Admin Panel:

    The admin panel will make your life easier. It will give you complete access to editing everything within the game. You can check out the admin panel for yourself by logging into one of the test admin accounts, by visiting the live demo. If you do not need to use the admin panel, then you can alternatively use phpmyadmin to edit anything related to the database.
    Some of the features the admin panel has to offer are:
    Option to close and open the actual game and player chat.
    Able to ban or mute players. Also the option of promoting a player to an admin or moderator.
    Edit the different character class types.
    Edit the forums, items, player accounts, monsters, towns, news posts, comments with ease.
    Post news comments for all players to see.
    A staff forum, for other administrators and moderators to talk privately in.
    Ability to mail all players within the game via "game mailing" them. (Similar to private messaging).
    There are many more options available, so go take a look for yourself here.

    Mod Panel:

    The mod panel is very similar to the admin panel. However, only in-game moderators have access to this. It is much more restricted than the admin panel and only limits them to edit certain things such as the forums and in-game chat. They do not get the option of editing accounts, or anything else which will give them an unfair advantage.
    Technical Information & Requirements:
    The game is built using php, mysql, php and javascript. No knowledge of any of these languages is needed. However, it will help you to expand the game and improve it.
    It is extremely easy to setup and install. You will receive an installation file which will do everything for you, aswell as simple to read instructions.
    You will require a host who supports php 4.1 or higher (php 5 but untested) and mysql. The actual game does not require much disk space, 10mb is more than enough. As for bandwidth, this is difficult to calculate. It would depend on how popular your game becomes. The game already has the option to compress pages which will reduce the bandwidth used significantly (available within the admin panel).

    DEMO: http://www.dkscript.com/demo/demo.htm

    +UPDATE 19/09/2006



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