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    25 мар 2007
    Advanced Privacy Supervisor 2.0 is a 3-in-1 utility for system maintenance, privacy protection, and improving overall system performance. With this tool you can control what is loaded on Startup (view, delete, edit, and add startup entries), protect your privacy by cleaning the histories Windows, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox leave behind (saving storage space and improving performance), as well as scan, clean, and repair registry problems.

    Startup Applications Managing:
    • Display autostart program list;
    • Add a program to the autostart program list;
    • Remove a program from the autostart program list;
    • View and edit system configuration files;
    • Save and Restore autostart program list;
    • Display program version information;
    • Display program modules information;

    Windows Registry Features:
    • Scan the twelve most important Windows Registry sections;
    • Fix errors found;
    • Backup and restore Windows Registry;
    • Create test result report;

    History Cleaning Features:
    • Internet Explorer: view and clean visited pages, typed URLs, temporary files, cookies, auto complete forms and passwords, downloaded program files, browser helper objects (BHO);
    • Mozilla Firefox: view and clean visited pages;
    • Windows: view and clean recent document list, find and run history, open and save history, clipboard, recycle bin, temporary files folder, send-to extensions, download installation folder;
    • Microsoft Office: view and clean Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Front Page, Publisher recent file lists;
    • Graphics and multimedia: view and clean Windows Media Player, WinAMP, RealPlayer, InterVideo WinDVD, QuickTime Player, Jasc PaintShop Pro recent file lists;
    • Archives: view and clean WinZip and WinRAR recent file lists;
    • Internet Explorer Extensions: view, delete or uninstall IE toolbars, buttons and other plug-ins;
    • Windows Paint recent file list;
    • Windows Word Pad recent file list;

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