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Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем REALiSTiC, 30 авг 2007.

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  1. REALiSTiC


    30 мар 2006
    :eek: :D

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  2. Cosmo

    Cosmo WGT

    19 мар 2006
    садюга ........:eek:
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  3. REALiSTiC


    30 мар 2006
    Ога, надпись кровью что-то не вышла :tcl:
  4. willrob

    willrob Прохожие

    More Info:
    NetCat 2.4 extra
    Complete version of system NetCat. It is recommended for portal type sites, complex Web- projects.
    The following modules are included in the composition of editorial staff:
    • Voting
    • Search on the site
    • Statistics of the visits
    • Subscriptions and the distribution
    • Interface of the user
    • Control of the references
    • Forum
    • the Internet- store
    • Control of advertisement on the site
    Fundamental characteristics and the possibility of the nucleus of the system:
    • Work with the contents of the site
    • Control of contents of the site through the Web- forms without the need for the knowledge of Web- technologies and language HTML
    • Visual editor of the contents
    • Built-in possibilities of the listing of pages, search on the attributes
    • United interface for control of any types of the data: news, texts, the catalogs of goods and so forth , etc.
    Structure of the site
    • Hierarchical (treelike) structure of the site
    • Possibility of the imitation of the net structure
    • The possibility of the separation of structure into several blocks
    • Automatic generation of the map of the site
    • Complete control capabilities of the divisions of the site: addition, a change in the tuning, removal, the transfer
    • Support of several sites on one copy of the system
    Rights of the access
    • Unlimited quantity of the users
    • Association of users into the groups
    • Possibility of delegation to user or to the group of the users of rights to the divisions, the branches of the structure
    • Different types of the rights: survey, addition and change, subscription to the renovations
    • Distribution of letters according to the base of the users
    Development of the design
    • The flexible system of the adaptation of the design of site practically any level of the complexity
    • Introduction of the made up into pages mock-up of the design of average complexity in 2 hours
    • Possibility of using different mock-ups of design for different razdelov/vetok of the structure
    • Possibility of organizing "skinov" of one grid of design (for example, different colorings, kollazhi for the different branches of structure)
    • Automatic generation of all elements of navigation in the formulation of page (menu 1-2-3 , etc. of level), "bread crumbs", the falling out menu, the auxiliary menu
    • Conclusion of information from any divisions (for example, the list of last news, the recommended goods and so forth .)
    • The possibility to divide HTML- page into several blocks for simplification in the control process of them (for example, carrying out into the separate fields of the editing of the codes of counters, META- tags, CSS- tables and so forth .)
    Templates (types) of the data
    • Support of the unlimited quantity of templates (types of the contained site); each template is characterized by the composition of attributes, by the size of data output, by actions on dobavleniye/izmeneniye and so forth , etc.
    • Possibility of the fine adjustment of the predetermined templates . composition pour on, the size of the conclusion
    • Possibility of developing its own templates of data of any level of the complexity
    • Support of two-level templates (for example, "list of articles" - the "text of article")
    • Possibility of the fine adjustment of mapping data depending on different parameters (cookie, the authorization of user, tuning of server, time and date and so forth .)
    • Tuning the templates of actions on the addition, the removal, a change in the data, the search to templet
    • Import/eksport of the templates
    • Pour on types (attributes:( line, text block, integer, list, istina/lozh', floating-point number , file, date and the time
    Tools for the search optimization
    • Correct titles in Header- e, correct time of the generation of the page
    • Possibility of determination META- tags keywords and description for any page
    • Tuning tag title
    • URL- y of the form of /.about/neshs/ (CHPU)
    • Use of tags h1-h6
    • Tool of the rapid analysis of site (PageRank, tITs, a quantity of indexed pages, the being referred pages and other indices)
    • Automatic generation of the map of the site
    Other tools
    • Rapid analysis of the site
    • Support RSS
    • Possibility of unloading the data into sizes XML, CSV
    • Interface of development (API) on the base of the syntax of languages PHP and SQL
    • SQL- console
    • Control of tasks ("crowns")
    • Tuning the readdressings
    • Arkhivirovaniye of project, restoration from the archive
    • Possibility of developing its own modules
    • Base possibilities for the search optimization
    Interface of control
    • Control of all essences of site in the window of brouzera (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and so forth .)
    • Absence of the client part, which requires installation to the local computer
    • Contextual prompts on all pages of the system of the administration
    • Mul'tiyazychnost' of the system of administration, the possibility of the connection of its dictionaries
    • System is delivered in the electronic or box form. In the case of delivery in the box form (cardboard box) to the CD with distributivom of system are appended the books "management of user", the "management of developer", "management on the modules", and also registration map. Guaranteed period of free technical support . 12 months.
    Price: 32200 rub.
  5. Avalanch

    Avalanch ТоЛеГ & ТоПеГ

    9 янв 2007
    Можно залить на депозит или на ifolder. А то нереал с работы с рапиды скачать.
  6. tr3ff

    tr3ff Постоялец

    26 июн 2006

    Avalanch нравится это.
  7. REALiSTiC


    30 мар 2006
    А по мне наоборот =) ЙаПапко труп )
  8. Dragon_X

    Dragon_X Постоялец

    17 фев 2007
    Удобней выбирать из 2-х источников

    Вот по второй ссылке уже ничего нет, а по первой мне нужно ждать, увы :/
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