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Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем SERIAL, 20 сен 2006.

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Модераторы: DMS

    SERIAL Админ

    5 апр 2006
    September 2006: Version 8.0

    Они хотят за него всего 12 $ и всё.
    - Several cosmetic changes has been made in the News administration
    - Added a Publish Now function for all Scheduled News listed in the main administration area
    - Banners list in Advertising administration module now are ordered by position and banner name
    - Advertising clients list is now ordered by client name in Advertising module's administration
    - Forums, Members List and Private Messages modules are now not so dependent from core system. Many files has been moved from /includes/ folder to /modules/Forums/includes/
    - Added new BBtoNuke (phpBB Forums port) version 2.20
    - Removed useless and not working search engine links from Downloads and Web Links modules search result pages
    - Added a new function in mainfile called info_box() which creates a nice message box with a related graphic. Values for the graphic (located in /images/system folder) are: warning, caution, tip and note
    - Cosmetic changes to Surveys module. Last 5 polls block now goes under the current results block
    - Minor cosmetic changes to Feedback module
    - Minor cosmetic changes to Add New Download form display in Downloads module
    - Minor cosmetic changes to IP Ban system list display
    - Several cosmetic changes in Submit News module
    - Added duplicate title and story text check in news submissions
    - Added a new DoS/Flood attack protection that prevents multiple pages views in few seconds
    - Cosmetic changes to Downloads module administration.
    - Changed the display list method of new submitted files in Downloads module administration by a single selection with the title and a separated validation page for each new file has been added
    - Added installation system in /install/ folder. (Based on Joomla Web Installer)
    - Fixed a bug in the client login function in Advertising module (Thanks to keg01)
    - Increased Advertising client cookie life from 1 hour to 24 hours
    - Minor optimizations in HTTP Referers system display
    - Fixed a bad use of define(INSIDE_MOD) in the mainfile.php that made useless this feature
    - Added a new redirection system to be used by admin to not reveal as referer the admin filename when clicking on a link


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