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    SERIAL Админ

    5 апр 2006

    Undoubtly the most versatile, functionable Job Board available at prices fractions the cost of other competitors boards. Written by HR Directors, for HR Directors providing truly useful and quality results and features unlike other boards.
    Portable: no operating system Code dependancy
    Quick and easy installation
    Completely and easily customizable feature functions via Admin Page
    Translatable into any language
    Fully customizable HTML
    Password Reminder
    Flexible & Affordable
    Custom installation available
    Charge for banner ad placement
    Credit card or P.O. billing Ready
    Multi Job Categories support

    Ещё возможности:
    The most Effective board available written by HR People, For HR People. Extremely advanced Search capabilities, Resume templates to provide you with time saving results and much more. Nearly doubles the features of the boards you're used to at fractions of the price!
    Job Posting
    Job Posting HTML Support
    Clone Job Posting
    Applicant Questions
    Receive Applicant Resume As (Link, Text, XML)
    Advanced Job/Resume Browsing by category i.e. City, State, Zip Code, Salary, Experience and much more…
    Save time and get effective searches by blocking specific resumes to avoid repetitive results…
    2 resume style searches: Light (Custom resume Template w/only pertinent information) or view Full resumes
    Custom Search Features i.e. Search specific areas of resume only for keywords to provide more quality results…
    Send invitations to potential Job Seekers online…
    Upload multiple jobs via database through your personal Control Panel
    Resume Manager Inbox
    Logo/Photo uploading…
    Email notification of resumes that match your specific Criteria…
    Email a Job/Resume to a Friend…
    Print a Job/Resume…
    Edit and/or Delete Jobs easily anytime…
    Delete or renew expired Ads…
    eCommerce Support
    Credit Card processing or PO number ordering…
    Terms Support
    Activity Report
    Order History Report

    Ещё немного возможностей:
    Quick Post Resume upload resume
    Resume Builder
    Multiple Resumes
    Skills Profile Builder
    Edit / Delete or add multiple resumes easily via our user friendly interface…
    Resume HTML Support
    Resume Photo Submission
    Standard Job Search
    Advanced Job Search (by City, State, Zip Code, Salary, Experience and so on)
    Private/Public/Confidential Resumes
    Private/Public/Confidential Identity
    Apply for jobs on-line…
    Send Job to Friend
    Job Manager Inbox
    Select job of JobInbox for later review (Save Jobs)
    Job Search Agent Job Alert function
    Search Employers by listing Employers
    Easy and secure log on and password navigation…

    Админские возможности:
    Job Seeker Maintenance
    Employer Maintenance
    New Member Account Default Access
    Job Posting Restriction
    Resume Search Restrictions
    Resume Contact Info Restrictions
    Category Resume Search Restrictions
    Resume Search Restrictions
    Applicant Tracking Restrictions
    Job Application Questions Restrictions
    Applicant Screening Restrictions
    Company Profile Restrictions
    Administrative Reports
    eCommerce Administration billing
    Job Search Scripting
    Event Search Scripting
    Resume Search Scripting
    Banner Management
    Integrated Bulk Email Tool
    New Account Notifications
    Job Expiration Notification Messaging
    Email Templates
    Member Email Validation
    Automated Job Application Response

    PHP 3.x or greater
    A web server supported by PHP (Apache is most widely used)
    A database with adequate support compiled into PHP. The currently supported database backends are:
    Mini SQL,
    Microsoft SQL Server,
    Oracle 7/8/8i,
    ODBC (Open Database Connectivity),

    1) Obtain
    2) Unzip it into the directory you want (The document root 'htdocs' or 'www' is the best)
    3) Make sure your directory structure as follows:
    Job2C/jobseekers (chmod to 777)
    Job2C/photoes (chmod to 777)

    4. Поставить расширения
    Attention! Befor running Install script you need to set permissions to make 'conf' directory and it's content files writable! This involves using the CHMOD command. If you do not understand CHMOD, there are some resources and information listed at htxp:// CHMOD as follows:
    chmod 777 conf (this is a directory)
    chmod 777 all files in the conf directory
    After the installation and final configuration you may chmod "conf" directory to 606 for security purposes.

    5. Define your database settings. Check existance of the target database. The Install script may create new database for your application, if you choose wizard way of installation.

    Автоматическа установка
    Run install.php in your web browser and follow the instructions.



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