Component ResTur v1.0

Тема в разделе "Коммерческие", создана пользователем Danielru, 26 авг 2007.

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Публиковать (для всех) нуленые версии, особенно от modulesgarden КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ не стоит. Тема мониторится оным разработчиком, а к нам приходят абузы которые нельзя игнорировать.
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Модераторы: Amazko, Aste
  1. Danielru

    Danielru Постоялец

    28 мар 2007
    Component ResTur v1.0 for Joomla

    Очень нужен этот компонент (для туризма).


    ResTur is a called All-in-One in the Reservations Categorie.
    Reservations for Hotels, motels, etc....
    Reservations for Tours
    Reservations for Extras, like renting aeroport transfers, etc...
    Reservations for Promotions that can include the Hotels, the Tours and the Extras.(All the 3, just 2, just 1 or other Tourist Product)
    The ResTur System of Reservations works in Pre Reserve mode:
    1- The Client make the Reserve.
    2- The Client receive 1 email and the ResTur Operator receive other email with the details of the Reserve.
    3- The client can print the Reserve or make a PDF document.
    4- The ResTur Operator Confirm the Reserve of the Hotel, Tour or Extra with the respective operator.
    5- The ResTur Operator enables the payment in the Backoffice.
    6- The Client is notified.
    7- The Client go to this ResTur Client Area.
    8- The Client choose the payment method: For default ResTur have -> PayPal, Money Transfer or the Client can ask to arrange the Payment with the ResTur Operator. (In the next version other payment methods are included)
    9- The Client make is choise and the ResTur Operator and the Client are notified about the payment.

    The ResTur permit add new functions (include ($path/your_function.php)
    The ResTur can be totally adapted to your website and customized in css styles and on config files.
    The ResTur have Encrypted files that can't be changed (If changed the ResTur do not works any more).
    Each ResTur license is limited to one domain.
    After the installation you have 15 days to Activate your License.


    Joomla! 1.0.x
    Joom!Fish - Component for Language Support
    ionCube Loader - Free PHP Extension (Included in the ResTur Package)
    painsource, TaitO и titan188 нравится это.
  2. Flygye

    Flygye Прохожие

    does anyone have this component nulled?

    without encryption???
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